Tuesday, December 6, 2011


  I wasn't going to post this, but after looking up some of the symbols I thought maybe I should.  It's not exceedingly interesting, but.... *shrugs*

"It was very disjointed. Hardly any continuity at all. I think it started out… I’m not sure where. I was in some kind of building, it was fairly big and open with huge windows. I had my “best friend” (in the dream) with me and we were discussing something having to do with school. I think. Then she got a call or a text from some guy. I guess she had a crush on him or something. I got the feeling he was some kind of holy roller, though when I met him he didn’t give off that vibe as much. Anyway, he was in a church at the moment. It was a big church with large stained glass windows depicting scenes you wouldn’t expect from a church. She told him that we could see the church from where we were and instructed him which window to look out of to be facing us. Suddenly everything shifted and his church was connected to our building by a small corridor. The buildings were suddenly right next to each other and connected! So he came over to where we were. He gave me some kind of pamphlet I barely looked at. A few other people showed up with some science equipment and an R.V. and the walls in our building disappeared. A platform kind of appeared and we were all sitting and laying on it looking up at this giant nebula. It was purple and took up most of the sky. I felt like I was about to shift so I went into a side room and organized some of my things. Most of it was a collecting of Sailor Moon costumes. I don’t recall seeing the wigs, but I had the dresses and stuff.

When I turned to leave the room the door instead opened up into a kind of trailer park. I was in a trailer, a fairly nice one, and I think Annalisa was sitting in a chair in the room behind me. I was looking out of the front door and saw two guys cutting across our lawn. I slowly and quietly closed and locked the door, being sure to also lock the chain and deadbolt. Then I rushed over to a window and tried to peak through the curtains without disturbing them. I saw the guys over by our neighbor’s grill and the police were questioning them. I was concerned about the flashing cop car lights illuminating me. I couldn’t remember how the light/dark worked when seeing through windows so I would move out of the curtain hole from time to time. Nothing ended up happening, though. I’m not sure if I went outside or not.

In the last part I was outside and it was bright daylight. I was following two older rustic guys down some dirt paths between the trees. The intersections of the dirt paths had street signs and I was looking for the one that said “Trimmier” so I could get back home. I’d at least know which direction to go. None of them when “that” way, though. We passed a wooden fence and somehow I ended up crouched near it and a small badger came up and was snarling at me. I slightly bigger badger could be seen in the distance making it’s way towards me. I was afraid and didn’t want to move. Then next to me appeared a humungous badger, much bigger than me, and it was snarling at the smaller ones and I was able to make my way behind it to catch up to the guys. We finally made our way out of the wooded area onto a more open path. I recognized the road so I turned back to memorize where we had come out. It was an arch of branches and there were black, plastic trash cans being used as both pedestals and planters. It was kind of nice and I was sure I could find it again if I wanted to visit."

Still debating over whether or not I want to start a blog dedicated purely to my dreams.  I'd have to go through this one and pull out dreams that aren't in my file......


  1. too bad you couldn't conjure a spoon to poke the badgers with. ;)
    dream blog might be a nice idea, if you feel you have the time. i've been thinking about doing a pure sim blog, too, but they only allow you one bio. do you happen to know if there's a way to attach a description to individual blogs? that seems like it would be a useful tool for a site that encourages users to create multiple blogs.

  2. Ah yes, apparently there is. :) I'll email you with the info.


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