Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Phone Pics

  I told you, didn't I?  I believe I did.  So let's just dive in.

  Once upon a time, sometime in the middle of November, I was sitting in the car waiting for Aaron to come out of HEB.  As I sat there with the windows down, playing Bejewelled on my phone, this little bug had the nerve to land on my arm.  I was feeling generous and didn't squish him.  Just swatted him back out the window.  It's hard to tell, but it's blue and has wings that are very big when compared to his little body.

  Just the other day we went to Burger King.  I got a BK Double Stack which is two patties, cheese and bacon.  And nothing more.  It's really good.  Looks pretty, too, huh?

  Back when I first got my lava lamp I was watching it warm up and this figure formed in the wax.  Kinda looks like a busty lady, doesn't it?  Maybe it's just me....

  And now two pictures of the sky.  The first one is the moon.  As we know by now that rarely turns out well.  Even when I zoom.  The second is some interesting clouds.  I thought they were so pretty I made them the screensaver image on my phone.

  Late last month Aaron had jury duty.  It took forever.  So I spent a fair amount of time in the Walmart (because they have a bathroom) parking lot reading my book.  At one point I was shocked when I looked around while stretching my neck and noticed this annoying monstrosity parked next to me.

And now the rest are all animal pics.  I'll start with Jet.  The first is from my mom's (*sigh*) trip to Kansas for a week.  When she was making her way home I was getting bored and antsy so I tried to send her a picture of Jet outside waiting for her, but it turned out too dark to be distinguishable.  The second is when I had her in the room socializing with Saleen.

And a picture mom sent me of Icarus after he got into some fake snow she was using to decorate some ornaments.

  See the white stuff on his paws?  Next is Onyx.  First is one my mom sent of Onyx sleeping sprawled out on her (my mom's) bed.  The second is one I took when Onyx made her way into the spare room and decided to lounge in a beam of sunlight.  Just like a proper cat.

And last, but not least, Saleen.  I've been spending time in there with her so she doesn't go all monster feral on us from antisocializations.  She's really a sweet kitty and now that my dad's back on the road I'm going to try and integrate her into the rest of the house.  It would be better that way.  Anyway, the first day I sat in there with her I took these pictures with the intention of doing a big ol' Saleen update blog, but.... I never did.  Here they are anyway.

  And there you have it.  Now I'm going to post this and shut off Frankenputer for a bit so I can clean out his insides.

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