Saturday, December 10, 2011

Continuation Of Sorts

  I was going to blog this last night, but things got a bit hectic so I didn't.  Duh.  I am now, though.  First thing, I haven't been doing too well at remembering my dreams.  My sleep has been rather disturbed lately.  As in, I keep getting disturbed when I'm trying to sleep.  I am, however, keeping up with what I hope will become a new habit.  Before going to bed I watch these subliminal videos that are supposed to help induce a lucid dream state.  Go ahead, check them out.  The thing I like about the first one is that it sort of corresponds to a self-hypnosis relaxation mp3 I used to listen to.  If I could remember where I downloaded it, I'd redownload it, because it really helps.  And the guys kind of sound the same and since the video guy uses "relax" a lot (like the mp3 guy) they could really go hand in hand.  And since strong visualization helps with lucid dreaming (among other things) it's really not a bad combination.  The second video seems to be a bit of a blast to the senses right before bed, but I guess that's how "subliminal" is supposed to work.

  The second thing is more a bit of funniness.  I've been replaying through the Delicious series of games.  These are a bit erratic to be playing before bed, and I've been getting a little frustrated with the first one.  Which is why I'm sort of playing it concurrently with the second.  See, the first one didn't really have a storyline and is really difficult.  The second one has a storyline and is more like the rest of the series so it's more enjoyable.  Anyway..... oh yeah.  Like I said, it's erratic and frustrating so I went through the list of games I had downloaded before my game membership lapsed (back when it was realarcade and not gamehouse) and realized I had a game on there called "Dream Sleuth".  I couldn't remember playing it before (my mom and I shared an account for a while) so I downloaded it.  Figured it would be a bit appropriate.  Ya know, being called Dream Sleuth and all.  And it kind of was.  The main character is this chick who solved crimes through lucid dreaming and dreamwalking.  Amazing, right?  Right.  The story was pretty basic and the gameplay was simplistic and the "hidden objects" weren't really difficult to find, but it was still pretty fun.  And funny when you take into account the way the animations were pieced together.  Take this scene from the first night in the game.

  That's supposed to be a little girl on the left.  She's scared.  Can you tell?  The guy in the doorway kidnapped her.  All this Catherine (the main character) sees in her dream.  OOOooooOOOOoooOOOOooooh.  lol  If you can manage to play it for free, go right ahead.  It took me about 3 hours to beat (and uninstall) it so I wouldn't pay more than $5, but it was fun and had the right mood for me.

  Anyway, I'm kind of putting off starting the last restaurant in the first Delicious game and since I'm kind of waiting for the dishes in the drainer to dry before finishing off the last of them.... I guess I'll get started on adding to my dream blog.  Maybe once I have a few posts plugged in there I'll have some inspiration for what I want it to look like.

UPDATE:  Just beat Delicious Deluxe for the first time ever!  The first time I played it was too much for me and I quit halfway through, but this time I beat it!!  YAY!  Now to start working on finishing Delicious 2 Deluxe (I dunno what's with the "deluxe", that's just how the title comes up) which I've never played before.  Or maybe I'll redownload an old hidden-object game and unwind a bit first.... yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

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