Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bringing Him Home

Yep, it's that time again. No, not that time.... The time where I get to drive up to Dallas and bring my dad home for his vacation. Yay! The trip was fairly uneventful, except for being dark and rainy. And so many assholes. Not clog-the-streets-bringing-traffic-to-a-standstill man, but enough to make my normal pace way more treacherous than the rain alone. There was still some daylight when we left, which means it's now picture time! Wanna see how miserable it's been outside?

Gloomy Weather

Thanks to the weather and the people I spent most of the trip concentrating on the road. Also, with all of that greyness there really wasn't much to see anyway. But that didn't stop me from popping off a couple at the truck lot.

Another UFO!

Namely in the bathroom. I really had to pee and thought it quite a shame if I didn't commemorate the moment.

The bottom of the stall

And in the interest of finding new and unusual ways to take pictures:

Through the stall door crack

Similar to the tow truck pictures taken through the door's window.... Was looking for that in my blog for 10 minutes before I decided to check my facebook album. Lovely. Anyway, I'm back now and those are all of the pictures I have. I hope this week goes smoothly. I'm so ready for the holidays to be over.

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