Thursday, December 8, 2011

And Today Is....

  Thursday?  Yep.  Thursday.  It's been kind of a rough week.  I have a dentist appointment coming up on Monday that I am scared to death to go to.  I hope everything works out smoothly and the approved financing isn't some sort of devil in disguise.  I just want to be able to eat normally again and not have the tooth pain anymore.  That's it.  Not so much to ask, right?  And people go to the dentist all the time.  No big deal, right?  Right.  It'll be fine.

  Oh yay!  Ok, for you neopets players (and Brak) I have a little tidbit of information.  You know the Magma Pool in Moltara, right?  The one that you can get a pet painted Magma colored in if it weren't for that pesky guard?  Well, I recently found out that the guard sleeps for 10 minutes every day.  The time is different for each account, but once you find your personal time, it will be that time every day.  So I just spent the last four days refreshing incessantly at the Magma Pool so I could find the sleepy time for Aaron and myself.  I got Aaron's on the second day and I just got mine!  So now I can stop switching over every 60 seconds and just type already.  Yippee!!  The best advice I can give is to refresh in chunks of time and record the times during which you were refreshing.  You'll narrow it down eventually.  He can't hide forever!!

  Another bit of news.  I have officially created a secondary blog specifically for my dreams.  I've re-invested myself into my dreamwork and hope to accomplish great things in the future.  I've done a lot of research and learned a few things.  Goals aside, I just happen to think that dreams are interesting.  I wish I had the foresight to record them when I was a child (I started this path when I was 8 or so), but I'll just have to settle with the past few years as a base.  I'll post the link here and on facebook as soon as I have it laid out the way I want and get a few posted to start.  Thankfully I already went through the (massive) trouble of typing up a digital copy so all I'll have to do is copy and paste just like when I moved my myspace blog and merged it here.  *phew* 

  I guess that's it.  Like I said, been kind of a rough week.  Gonna go see if my dad's awake and if so I should really finish the dishes....

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