Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long 2011

I really didn't feel like typing anything, but then I kinda felt like I should, so here I am. Typing. 2011 was an ok year, I suppose. Ups and downs like any other year. Aaron finally regained the ability to eat normally and we lost Elvis. *sigh* We lost some "friends" but found others. And we got Saleen and he's more or less patched up the relationship with his dad. So I guess overall it was pretty good, minus the Elvis part. :( 2012 is another one of those "big" years. Growing up 1999 seemed so far away (thanks to that Prince song making it so prevalent) that I never figured I'd see it. 2012 is another one of those because of that Mayan calendar. December 21st. We'll see, I guess. Of course it would be stupid to live as though the world is going to end. Best to prepare for the future in the event that we do have one. So here's to a healthy, prosperous and satisfying new year.

What? Oh, you're wondering if I have any resolutions or goals for the coming 12 months. Well.... I dunno. There are a few things that would be nice if they happened, but so many are beyond my own control. Maybe I'll make monthly goals. Whatever I decide, I do plan on blogging still so you'll find out here. Happy 2012 everybody!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Day In Austin

Try as I might I couldn't find a blog referencing Aaron, Brak and my first trip to Austin together (though that link will take you to the pictures), or the trip Aaron and I took the first time we visited the Museum of the Weird... that is strange, but nevertheless the show will go on. With many, many pictures for your enjoyment.

Our first stop was The Wheatsville Co-Op on Guadelupe St. We went there on our first trip and enjoyed it so much that it's becoming a regular stop. Their food is amazing. Last time Brak got a sandwich and Aaron and I got drinks. This time we all got sandwiches!

Why Aaron hates his name

I got The Italian with everything:

So big!

Aaron got The Italian Stallion:

Hey, yo

And Brak got a chicken salad on special bread:


From there we drove to 6th street and found ourselves a nice, central place to park. Fed some quarters into the fancy meter, got our parking sticker, then began our walk to The Museum of the Weird. On the way there we passed the Shamrock Saloon.

It's a Monument

I know I've spent a decent chunk of change these past two days (Brak and I spent a fair amount of time clothes shopping yesterday), but this time I absolutely had to get a t-shirt. My determination was rewarded with this funky floral bag!

The shirt is in the bag

Then we took Brak on her maiden voyage through the museum itself. Aaron and I scoped the place out before (where's the blog?!), but this was her first trip and they had some new stuff and the guy at the register said we could take as many pictures as we wanted "so snap away guys"! Awesome! Now I will let the many many pictures speak for themselves.

Electric fortune teller was looking right at Brak!

Aaron next to a suit of armor

It's a Fiji Mermaid!

Lizzy Says: "Jackelopes are REAL! See?"

Fish with a man's face

Fur covered trout

Voodoo Statue

Aaron and his "Mummy"

Shrunken Heads

Puppetmaster puppet and.... fish

Cyclops Skull

It's the Hand of Glory!! Grab it!


Chinese foot binding shoes

Flesh-eating toad

Don't open what?

Sorry, shoulda used the flash

Dreamcatcher: Now with scalp!

Bigfoot's real, too

Here's his footprints

Stuff pulled out of cow's stomachs-

-with a magnet so they don't get sick

Conjoined pig fetus in jar

2-headed cow and sheep(or goat)

2-headed chicken

Two cows share a head

Tiny mummy in a box

3000 year old mummy

with his paperwork



movie poster

Frankenstein's Monster

from Tales From The Darkside


skeleton prop

Some info on Yeti

Yeti footprint

Female monitor lizard-

-helped create their "giant lizard eggs" exhibit

another lizard on display

After that trek (the lizards were new) the man who introduced us to the lizards took us into yet another room with a few more displays.

Brak got nabbed by King Kong!!

And she's so mad about it!

Aaron's "my wife made me do this" face
now with more mummy

Then this guy (who's name completely escapes me, sorry) regaled us with a good, old-fashioned sideshow!

Snapped his fingers in a racoon trap. Aaron makes sure it's really on there

Hammered a nail up his nose.... then licked it!

Dangling dead fish from his eyes - With fishhooks!

Finished with a nice sword swallow

That was pretty awesome. He even dangled those fish long enough for Brak to dig out her camera and get a picture of her own. After that we headed back down to the gift shop where Aaron chatted up the employees and Brak picked out a shirt for herself and a stuffed rattlesnake (with a rattle in the tail!) for her daughter.

After that we decided that the Arthouse Museum was close enough to walk to and set back off through Austin's downtown. On the way we passed the bat bar. Aaron liked the sign so I got a picture of that.

Bat Bar

We also passed this cool looking car.


Then we made it to Arthouse. My favorite (free) pretentious art museum. We went the first time with Brak, but all of the exhibits were different. I don't think they were as good this time, but it was still a nice stop. Also, they only had one pamphlet this time.

The Anxiety of Photography

We did get a little lost on our way back, but managed to find the car after a couple extra turns. All in all I had a fantastic time. I love Austin, I love Brak, I love Aaron, I love museums and I love getting out to do stuff from time to time. And I got to wear my snazzy new outfit that Brak helped me pick out. I love the pants, love the shirt and the shoes! Oh the shoes are so comfortable. It was a beautiful day weather-wise. Simply great.