Monday, November 7, 2011

Where'd October Go?

So far into November it's almost my birthday already. Insanity. I do have some random phone pictures to post up, but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. They're not that great, but that's ok. We did end up having an amazing Halloweenniversary even though we had no plans to start out with. Actually, I can share the pictures of our costumes. Way better than the non-plan I had when I started.

First, our jack-o-lantern. This year's gem was a top-heavy oblong shape. We turned it into Frankenstein's monster.

And Jet got in on the festivities. She wasn't entirely happy about it. In fact, she went entirely frigid when I put the little hat on her, but she is so adorable.

Next: Our official costumes. Aaron was Edward Scissorhands. Made his whole costume practically from scratch.

I was going to be a vault dweller from the Fallout Games. Until one day we were at the (evil) mall and this beauty caught my eye. I've wanted a Sailor Moon costume since I was a teenager and just could not pass this up.

Ok, so it's not the right wig. Edward doesn't seem to mind... ok he kinda does look like he might mind but that's just Aaron being in character because Edward was unaccustomed to physical contact.

Unofficially... we just like dressing up. Aaron held a poll so people could vote on which costume he was going to do. Edward won, but the Ash (of Evil Dead fame) supporters were so vocal he didn't want them to feel left out. So he did Ash, too.

That came out great, too. Throughout the Halloween season I had been seeing this werewolf wig from "Monster High" that I really wanted because it has ears (pierced ears!) and I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.... but not $12 worth of cool. Luckily HEB had it on sale for $6 the day after Halloween so I snatched it up.

Fair warning: tomorrow will be another installment of random phone pictures. :p If you come back you'll get to see some of my relatives.

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