Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vet Later

Hrm . . . updated my blog settings and it's still not keeping the font. *shrugs* Anyway, yesterday was better as far as he had 3 cans of Mighty Dog and we actually didn't have to take him out every time he woke up. A couple of times he actually just wanted water. But, he's still having problems with his legs. Or his back . . . wherever the actual problem is. I think the worst part is not knowing. So, anyway, his sister is taking us all to the vet tomorrow. We're looking at Banfield which is connected with PetSmart, so I'm really hoping it's an actual vet that we can take him to. If it is, it's likely our best shot. I'm so nervouse and anxious. But, it's been over a week and hasn't gone away on it's own, so we have no other choice. We have to do it. Unless we have an overnight miracle. So, yeah, I'll let y'all know how it went. And if you don't hear from me, then you already know.

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