Tuesday, November 22, 2011


  I am not going to say anything definite, but at least today seems to have been a little better.  Not a lot, and certainly not at first.  This morning I started popping asprin like pez.  It just wasn't helping.  Of course I've done so many other things I'm not sure what, if anything is working; how much it is (or isn't) working and how much of it is finally just me developing a mental block out of sheer frustration.  So, what have I tried?  Well, I tried this generic Orajel and since I was half asleep I think I swalled a good sized gob of it, but that didn't really help too much anyway.  My ear and throat were both killing me.  At the moment, at least my ear is feeling better.  Throat still not so much.  I read online that if there's an abcess to gargle with a salt water solution so I tried that.  I'll be doing that again either before or after I brush my teeth.  Haven't decided which tactic would be better.  If there is an abcess and if it comes to the surface I will definitely be sucking it up popping that bad boy.  Believe that.  I already know from Aaron's past experiences that I'd feel a lot better in that eventuality.

  I also picked up a thing of whole cloves.  Last time I had terrible tooth pains that was the only thing that helped.  Well, it kind of helped.  I got clove oil the next day and that did the trick, but at the moment.... I don't know.  It seems like the spiky ends of the cloves are helping as much as the oil in them.  I dunno if it's misdirection, some bizarre accupuncture effect or something totally logical I can't fathom yet.  Either way, I think I'll keep up with this for as long as it continues to work because since I started doing that I haven't felt the need to pop more pills (though I will before I try to lay down) and even took a nap earlier.  I'm a little concerned about damage being done to my cheek, buuuuuuut.... I'll worry about that later.

  I also pressed our ice pack on my face for.... I don't know how long.  Long enough for it to go warm.  It was like some kind of sadistic game between me and my face.  Following the pain as it travelled from my throat to my temple and back.  I don't understand, though, how cold and hot (like when I'm in the shower) can both appear to help.  At least temporarily. 

  Looks like it's time to brush.  Wish me luck.  It's gonna hurt.


  1. geez, that is a really awful tooth. at least the cloves help. they only ever made me throw up. feel better. :(

  2. *hugs* I'm trying. If it's not any better after the holiday season (though now would probably be a better time for dentists) then I'll go ask about the finanacing and stuff at Castle Dental (even though 1/2 the reviews are pretty bad) and see if I qualify. If not.... *shrugs*


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