Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still Moving

Or recieving. Whichever visualization you prefer. It's slow going, but steadily going. More or less. Blogger starts captcha-ing after so many (I dunno how many) blogs so that's been my stopping point for the day. Those things hurt my eyes. I'm back to May 2009. If I hadn't deleted my archive so quickly I could have checked that to see when I started. Late 2008, I believe. Could be wrong. Oh yeah, I made the executive decision to do away with the website archive. Was a pain updating that, too, and since blogger has a handy archive right to the right it really is not needed.

I haven't been simming much. Partly because I have been on neopets more. Partly because I just haven't felt like loading it up and I think I'm bored with my author/cat-lover sim already. I really kind of miss Sims 2. With University and weather. I also kind of miss Sims on PS2. With their goals and stuff you have to do to progress. "You've roommated with Mimi and the house is a mess. Clean it up and do this and this and also this to move into a better house with a better roommate." I did like that. Maybe I'm also a little pissy that my town is lagging so badly. I worked so hard on it. One day I'll get a new computer.

I wish I could quit messing with my tooth. It hasn't been hurting as much. Except for when I nudge it with my bottom teeth. All too easy to do. This Colgate Sensitive toothpaste is really helping. I mean, it sucks balls at first because it really hurts at first. That initial "oh my gawd there's hot minty lava touching my tooth!" is awful, but it goes away pretty quickly.

Saleen is still outside. Apparently she's been spending a lot of time in one of the trees. I'm glad Aaron's seen her because I haven't in a while. I really want to try to get her in the house before it gets really cold. I may try tomorrow. Should be awake during the day. No way I'm trying at night. Not going to be easy, but maybe I'll get lucky. Hrm....

What was that other thing..... Oh yeah, 59 more stickers to complete my album. Yay! That means 19 more and I can just order the rest. I hope. I have the order form that came with the book, but it says I can order them online and get a 10% discount, buuuuuut..... they're not coming up on the website! The album was just published this year so I'm hoping that by the time I get to the point of "just ordering" the last of them it's updated. That they're not on the website has me more than a little concerned about sending them a check. There are two or three different Hello Kitty sticker albums (in the UK and beyond) and I really don't want to get sent the wrong stickers.

Ok, the new Big Bang Theory was supposed to come on at 7, but it's Two and a Half Men. I guess I'll just brush my teeth and lay down. It's been a long day and I'm tired. I think I've rambled enough.


  1. Yeah, it's this show on CBS about 4 super nerds and this chick. It's pretty funny. If they have it on hulu you should check it out. :)


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