Friday, November 25, 2011

A Puppy Adventure

  Between the Game Master Challenge on Neopets and finishing of Sailor Moon S, I almost forgot to blog this.  But, now, here it is.

  Every day can be an adventure, full of it's own little surprises.  After the past dog-centered incident this one was somewhat delightful.  If a bit strange.  We left this morning to complete our chores and when we came back we noticed this dog wandering around the cul-de-sac.

  Very strange.  He obviously wasn't a stray.  He's got that snazzy little sweater!  And a collar and a flea collar.  He must belong to somebody.  First thing was trying to get a good look at the tag.  This was easier said than done.  Luckily for him, and his owner(s?), he's a small dog and therefore far less frightening than a bigger dog.  I had Aaron grab the Beggin' Strips from the kitchen so I could lure the dog in for a closer look.  While I was attempting this slow-going maneuver he went inside and unfortunately the only thing I discovered was that the tag wasn't a proper tag, but a rabies vaccination tag.

  He walked out to the new neighorhood to see if he could spot any signs or persons that appeared to be looking for a lost dog.  I sat by the car steadily feeding bacon to this poor, scared little doggy and noticed the vaccination tag had a phone number and another 4-digit number underneath it.  Hrm.  I called the number and got, as I expected, the clinic in Temple (why Temple?) where the dog was vaccinated.  I guess my little foray into the dentist office made me brave.  I explained the situation to the receptionist and asked if she'd be able to help me find the owners.  She said yes!  Was very nice.  I gave her the 4-digit number and after she confirmed the dog's breed was able to give me the address.  *phew*  Neither of us knew where the street was, but after feeding it into my phones handy-dandy GPS we discovered it was right down the street.

  I fed the dog more bacon while Aaron went inside to grab the leash.  I asked the dog if he wanted to go for a walk and his little ears perked right up.  So we leashed him and started walking, phone-GPS in hand.  I told him about double-checking the tag and he said that while he was walked back he asked Elvis to help us find the puppy's parents.  So perhaps there was a bit of divine intervention at work here?  The street we were looking for was only about half a mile away and without traffic it was an easy walk. 

  Then came the weirdness.  I could have sworn the lady said "apartment B", Aaron was pretty sure she said "Apartment C".  I was on the phone so we trusted me first, but since there was only one car in the parking area it was kind of clear that hardly anyone (if anyone) was around.  We knocked at B for a while and then left a note and started walking off and some lady called out from the 2nd floor of apartment D wondering why we were walking "that dog".  ?!?  So we explained as clearly as we could that we were returning the dog and she said it was hers and the door was open and we could just stick the dog in.  Odd.  The door was indeed open, which I don't believe it was before, so we ushered in the dog and went to leave.  We were at the corner before she yelled out a "Thank you".  Granted it would be a whole heap of shit if we tried to keep it, but I really hope we did the right thing.  You really never know.  Just gotta hope for the best.

  And we just got back from another trip to the ER.  Aaron got more antibiotics.  Went a lot quicker than I expected.

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