Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Phone Lookie: November Edition

Ok, I'm kind of twisting my own arm on this one. I don't know if it's that sickie-tickle in my sinus or something else, but I've been feeling out-of-sorts lately. That point where I'd rather just crawl back under the covers than do anything else. But I'm pressing on. Not because I like being miserable, but because I know how hard it is to restart doing something after you stop. I like blogging and talking to people. So perhaps after this I'll take a shower and get to the emails. Showers help.

Contrary to my natural inclination to save the best for last, I'm going to start off with two pics I took the last time my dad was here. He was having problems with his truck and took a rental car home from Loredo. A rental car we had to return to the airport in Austin. Inconvenient, but a fun little adventure. I followed him there and then we took a wrong turn and he followed me because I have the gps in my phone. Sure we could have used it the whole way, but a bit of research between gps and mapquest has brought to my attention the gps' habit of taking longer routes than is absolutely necessary. First I present to you the parking lot of the Austin airport as seen from my perch near the rental car return depot.

Just as I was turning around I saw my dad walking towards me. He smiled. Not sure if it was a "hey, I made it" smile or a "my daughter's crazy" smile; but he didn't say "don't you put that up on the internet" so here it is.

While I was trying to catch the cat I also took this picture. The label tickled my fancy in a wartime not-quite-nostalgia kind of way and that's why it's sepia and wasn't included in the previous post.

While Aaron and I were hanging out with one of his friends on Halloween the light behind him really brought out the Edward qualities of his makeup and even though I had him revert to the same position he was in before noticing me I still couldn't quite capture what I saw. Shame. It really was something striking I wish I could've shared with you.

Which leads me to my werewolf wig. I tried to get just a quick picture to show people, but without makeup it just wasn't something I was willing to share with the world at large.

This shadow picture, on the other hand, is fairly interesting. I was going to use this for my new profile picture if none of the other (make-uped) ones ended up being good enough.

And here's a little picture of my niece. I forget why my sister sent this one.

This one she sent with a string of Halloween pictures. Apparently she didn't want to give up the costume. Fell asleep in it. Can't say I blame her. I was usually a witch with a plastic-bag type costume and plastic mask and still didn't want to take mine off until I absolutely had to.

This past Thursday I drove my mom out to Walmart so the (nice) ladies could pick her up for the PWOC conference in Kansas. While we were sitting there waiting for them to show up and spirit her away, the monks showed up! There were two, but I was trying to be inconspicuous and only caught one.

We're not sure what it was exactly or where it came from, but Aaron ended up with an infected something on his leg. He tried to doctor it, but it just wasn't getting any better so we went to the emergency room. This is what it looked like after he checked in and we were sitting there waiting (forever) to be called.

So you don't worry: It's much better now. And last, but certainly not least, here's my nephew's new tattoo. I was treated to this bit because Aaron's phone doesn't send or recieve pictures even though it's part of his phone plan to be able to do so. It worked out, though, because I was able to coordinate with him to call Aaron on his birthday. :) That was a nice surprise for him.

And that is all the pictures that were piled up in my phone during October. I am still simming, just not as much as I have been. Not enough to compile a good story. Animal training and such. Pretty repetitive. I'm debating starting another game (after Symli dies) in a premade town and see how big I can make a family before the dreaded Lag Demon strikes. I do still really want to do a legacy family!! :( We'll see, I guess. Shower time!

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