Monday, November 21, 2011


  Feels good to finally have things done.  My (almost) entire myspace blog has been transferred and now the whole thing is here and complete.  No more comments and those posts probably won't ever get read again, but that's ok.  I've deleted my myspace account and I feel a bit better having done that.  It feels like maybe it's time to start simplifying some things.  So much garbage.  So much junk.  The past has shown me that this is likely a futile endeavor, but I have to try.

  Saleen is still in the house.  I have her isolated in the spare room for the moment.  Let the other cats get used to her scent and sound; let her get used to being indoors without bad things happening.  I've blocked off every concievable escape route, but I'm not assuming there isn't one of which I haven't thought.  There's also the chance she'll just dart out when anyone's coming in or out through the front door.  Just have to hope.

  After all these weeks I have to assume that my headaches are a direct result of my hurty tooth.  That's kind of a scary thought, but at the moment there's nothing I can do about it.  Just keep pushing forward.  On the bright side I've managed to brush my teeth without hurting myself in the process.  I just start on the other side of my mouth and work my way slowly over to the offending tooth.  That's been helping.  Of course, now that I've said that it will probably be Pompeii next time.  That seems to be how it's liking to work.  As soon as I mention, or even think, that it might be getting better.... *BOOM*  pain.  *sigh*

  He's still asleep at the moment (it's not even 6am yet) so I think I'll get on the bike for a few and then shower before I start needing the water for dishes and laundry.  Baby steps....

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  1. of course it'll be read again! i can see at least one opportunity for a lizzy blog-reading fest in the near future.

    poor tooth. :(


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