Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Roundout

Happy Birthday to me! Another year come and gone. Over the years I've grown more than a little jaded about my birthday, but Aaron's worked hard to make them worthwhile. This year he's gone beyond our norm and my birthday turned into a 3-day mini extraveganza. Actually, it started a few days before when his mom's card came in and I was able to get for myself a new lava lamp. We should have a blue one somewhere, but I don't know where it is or if it's even still intact. I hope it is. Until then, I have a replacement.

I had been saying for a while I want another one (they're so fascinating) and while I was deciding what to spend my monies on he reminded me. :) Of course he couldn't help me decide which one to get so I decided on purple oil with orange wax. They also had pink oil with white wax and blue oil with green wax. All of them very tempting, but I finally settled on the one least like the one we already have. Yes, I'm hopeful it will be intact and recovered one day.

Saturday my dad was here. He hasn't been home for my birthday since he retired from the army, but I don't hold that against him. I know that at least when I was young enough to be really hurt by it that he would've been there if he had a choice and that's enough. Anyway, since he was leaving Sunday he and my mom gave me their present Saturday. It's a jewelry making kit with beads and wires and stuff. Just need to find the pliers and I can make some nice earrings. Aaron spent most of the day counting down the hours until midnight.

Sunday was a great day. More or less. I'm just recovering from being sick and he's in the process of getting sick so we spent a bit of time napping. Even so we managed to have fun while we were awake. Fresh at midnight we had some chocolate lava cake. Of course shortly into my special day the internet crapped out, but I still managed to reply (through my phone) to all the wonderful people who wished me a happy birthday on facebook. We went to Subway for lunch and even though I got a $6.50 sub and he got a $7.75 sub and I got a cookie it only cost us about $10. Neat! Mystical, unspoken birthday discount. After lunch we napped until dinner. Which my mom made without making a huge mess of the kitchen! I had my favorites. Nurnbergerwurst, spaetzle, kartoffelsalat, deviled eggs and brussel sprouts. Was so good and I absolutely stuffed myself. Our oven is (still) broken, but my mom made mini cupcakes in this mini-cupcake maker she got. They came out really good. After dinner we were treated to a new episode of Walking Dead. So that's more coincidence than anything else, but it was still a good episode. Unfortunately all of our napping closed a window he needed to get through to get my gift which brings us to:

Monday! Today. We went to sleep earlier than usual so we woke up at a normal, human time. Which was good for two reasons. The first was that we could get to walmart "in time" and the second became apparently shortly after waking up. We need a new bed. Ok, fine, futon. Whatever. He went to get up and *ker-SNAP* There goes even more support. So we got the money together and went out for our normal errands first. This is where his meticulous time framing came into play.

Hello Kitty balloons and pink roses!! :D I've been trying to think about it all day (off and on) and I can't remember the last time, if ever, anybody's ever given me roses like that. They're really nice and they smell so good. And they look so pretty sitting on my computer tower.

Then, on our second trip out for the futon, disaster struck. At some point, I don't know when, I lost my wedding ring. :( Even before I lost all that weight it was loose, but losing the weight and also the cold haven't helped. I've almost lost it a couple of times, but this time I think it's gone for real. I can't find it anywhere and there's the very good possibility that I lost it in Walmart. We got plain silver bands for a couple of very good reasons: we both strongly prefer silver to gold, I don't really wear fancy jewelry, and even though we couldn't afford expensive rings we wouldn't have gotten them if we could because they're just a chunk of metal. What makes them special is what we put into them. So the one thing I have in my favor is that I only have to deal with the guilt of having lost it and not compound that guilt with "omg that's $1,000 gone!" or whatever people spend on rings these days. I don't know what jewelry costs, don't even window shop at expensive jewelry stores. Not my thing. I'm going to keep looking, but my hopes are not high. My poor finger feels so naked.

So all in all I did have a pretty sweet birthday. Except for being sick. And my stupid tooth. I picked up some toothpaste for sensitive teeth and that's been helping a little. It's supposed to take two weeks for full effect so there's time. I'm not taking near as many pain pills as I was a week ago and I'm no longer contemplating (as strongly) taking a pair of pliers to it and wrenching it out of my skull. So yay for that. I almost picked up a set of those Sally Hansen nail thingies and decided against it. They did have the denim, but.... I got some nice, shimmery orange polish instead. For the season. (Because contrary to what the stores are trying to tell us, it's still autumn for another month and a half) The actual color is "Naughty Girl". I dunno if it looks naughty

but it does look seasonally appropriate and festive. And shiny. Three coats and it's still a bit transparentish. I think next time I'll paint it over another color. I don't really have orange, but maybe over black? Or white. I has colors.

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