Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Appt & Accu

  Not in alphabetical order.  hehehe  Yes, at the moment my whole head is pain free so I'm in good spirits determined to enjoy it while it lasts.  As soon as the pain starts creeping back I'm going to blast it with the 100% pure clove oil Aaron grabbed for me at Health Arena and hopefully some will find it's way in (the hole is not easily accessible) and burn the nerve to smithereens like it did the other tooth many moons ago.  But that's not even the big news.

  After mounds of research I've discovered one (yes, one) dentist in the area that will see people who don't have insurance.  So I called to ask about their financing.  After being on hold for a few minutes (and losing bits of my metaphorical nerve with each passing minute) I was told I'd have to come in to find out if I qualify for financing.  Oh dear.  I sat at the computer for another 45 minutes or so debating with myself before Aaron finally pushed me into going.  Which I'm very glad he did.  It was a mildly terrifying experience, but it turns out I do qualify and now I have an appointment for December 12.  The earliest they could fit me in.  The lady was really nice, though, and said they have a coupon online I can print out since I don't have insurance and that if it's bothering me I can call in any time and see if anybody's cancelled their appointment.  Huzzah!  She was really nice, so I'm happy about that.  Because even though it's ok now, earlier was a different story.  As we were driving around I was kind of sucking on the tooth, because sometimes that helps.  I sucked a bit too hard and it was like lightening struck the damn thing.  Hurt so bad.

  Also, I can't believe it took me so long to come around to this, but I did find another helpful little tidbit in my holistic bag of tricks.  Accupressure.  I have a point on the back of my skull that I use for headaches so I did a bit of research online and found a couple that are specifically for toothaches.  So I put together a little accupressure regime that I will share with you for future reference.  I use my pointer and middle fingers on each hand and press hard for about 10 seconds before releasing and moving to the next point.  The first one I start with is the headache one.  If you feel the back-base of your skull you should notice two little nubs.  That would be them.  The second one is under the cheekbones directly beneath your pupils (if you're looking straight ahead).  This might be problematic depending on where your tooth pain is because it does hit the gumline.  The last is where the upper and lower jaw meet.  Clench your teeth and where the muscles tighten is your spot.  Easy peasy.  I do each point for 10 seconds and do the rounds 3 times.  It doesn't clear it up entirly (for me, at least), but it does take the edge off.

I'm sleepy.  -_-  Not going to lay down yet.  Too early.  Maybe I'll watch some more Sailor Moon.  Got almost all of Season S watched yesterday.  I really should do dishes, but.... don't wanna.  I'll do it tomorrow.

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