Friday, November 25, 2011

A Puppy Adventure

  Between the Game Master Challenge on Neopets and finishing of Sailor Moon S, I almost forgot to blog this.  But, now, here it is.

  Every day can be an adventure, full of it's own little surprises.  After the past dog-centered incident this one was somewhat delightful.  If a bit strange.  We left this morning to complete our chores and when we came back we noticed this dog wandering around the cul-de-sac.

  Very strange.  He obviously wasn't a stray.  He's got that snazzy little sweater!  And a collar and a flea collar.  He must belong to somebody.  First thing was trying to get a good look at the tag.  This was easier said than done.  Luckily for him, and his owner(s?), he's a small dog and therefore far less frightening than a bigger dog.  I had Aaron grab the Beggin' Strips from the kitchen so I could lure the dog in for a closer look.  While I was attempting this slow-going maneuver he went inside and unfortunately the only thing I discovered was that the tag wasn't a proper tag, but a rabies vaccination tag.

  He walked out to the new neighorhood to see if he could spot any signs or persons that appeared to be looking for a lost dog.  I sat by the car steadily feeding bacon to this poor, scared little doggy and noticed the vaccination tag had a phone number and another 4-digit number underneath it.  Hrm.  I called the number and got, as I expected, the clinic in Temple (why Temple?) where the dog was vaccinated.  I guess my little foray into the dentist office made me brave.  I explained the situation to the receptionist and asked if she'd be able to help me find the owners.  She said yes!  Was very nice.  I gave her the 4-digit number and after she confirmed the dog's breed was able to give me the address.  *phew*  Neither of us knew where the street was, but after feeding it into my phones handy-dandy GPS we discovered it was right down the street.

  I fed the dog more bacon while Aaron went inside to grab the leash.  I asked the dog if he wanted to go for a walk and his little ears perked right up.  So we leashed him and started walking, phone-GPS in hand.  I told him about double-checking the tag and he said that while he was walked back he asked Elvis to help us find the puppy's parents.  So perhaps there was a bit of divine intervention at work here?  The street we were looking for was only about half a mile away and without traffic it was an easy walk. 

  Then came the weirdness.  I could have sworn the lady said "apartment B", Aaron was pretty sure she said "Apartment C".  I was on the phone so we trusted me first, but since there was only one car in the parking area it was kind of clear that hardly anyone (if anyone) was around.  We knocked at B for a while and then left a note and started walking off and some lady called out from the 2nd floor of apartment D wondering why we were walking "that dog".  ?!?  So we explained as clearly as we could that we were returning the dog and she said it was hers and the door was open and we could just stick the dog in.  Odd.  The door was indeed open, which I don't believe it was before, so we ushered in the dog and went to leave.  We were at the corner before she yelled out a "Thank you".  Granted it would be a whole heap of shit if we tried to keep it, but I really hope we did the right thing.  You really never know.  Just gotta hope for the best.

  And we just got back from another trip to the ER.  Aaron got more antibiotics.  Went a lot quicker than I expected.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Appt & Accu

  Not in alphabetical order.  hehehe  Yes, at the moment my whole head is pain free so I'm in good spirits determined to enjoy it while it lasts.  As soon as the pain starts creeping back I'm going to blast it with the 100% pure clove oil Aaron grabbed for me at Health Arena and hopefully some will find it's way in (the hole is not easily accessible) and burn the nerve to smithereens like it did the other tooth many moons ago.  But that's not even the big news.

  After mounds of research I've discovered one (yes, one) dentist in the area that will see people who don't have insurance.  So I called to ask about their financing.  After being on hold for a few minutes (and losing bits of my metaphorical nerve with each passing minute) I was told I'd have to come in to find out if I qualify for financing.  Oh dear.  I sat at the computer for another 45 minutes or so debating with myself before Aaron finally pushed me into going.  Which I'm very glad he did.  It was a mildly terrifying experience, but it turns out I do qualify and now I have an appointment for December 12.  The earliest they could fit me in.  The lady was really nice, though, and said they have a coupon online I can print out since I don't have insurance and that if it's bothering me I can call in any time and see if anybody's cancelled their appointment.  Huzzah!  She was really nice, so I'm happy about that.  Because even though it's ok now, earlier was a different story.  As we were driving around I was kind of sucking on the tooth, because sometimes that helps.  I sucked a bit too hard and it was like lightening struck the damn thing.  Hurt so bad.

  Also, I can't believe it took me so long to come around to this, but I did find another helpful little tidbit in my holistic bag of tricks.  Accupressure.  I have a point on the back of my skull that I use for headaches so I did a bit of research online and found a couple that are specifically for toothaches.  So I put together a little accupressure regime that I will share with you for future reference.  I use my pointer and middle fingers on each hand and press hard for about 10 seconds before releasing and moving to the next point.  The first one I start with is the headache one.  If you feel the back-base of your skull you should notice two little nubs.  That would be them.  The second one is under the cheekbones directly beneath your pupils (if you're looking straight ahead).  This might be problematic depending on where your tooth pain is because it does hit the gumline.  The last is where the upper and lower jaw meet.  Clench your teeth and where the muscles tighten is your spot.  Easy peasy.  I do each point for 10 seconds and do the rounds 3 times.  It doesn't clear it up entirly (for me, at least), but it does take the edge off.

I'm sleepy.  -_-  Not going to lay down yet.  Too early.  Maybe I'll watch some more Sailor Moon.  Got almost all of Season S watched yesterday.  I really should do dishes, but.... don't wanna.  I'll do it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


  I am not going to say anything definite, but at least today seems to have been a little better.  Not a lot, and certainly not at first.  This morning I started popping asprin like pez.  It just wasn't helping.  Of course I've done so many other things I'm not sure what, if anything is working; how much it is (or isn't) working and how much of it is finally just me developing a mental block out of sheer frustration.  So, what have I tried?  Well, I tried this generic Orajel and since I was half asleep I think I swalled a good sized gob of it, but that didn't really help too much anyway.  My ear and throat were both killing me.  At the moment, at least my ear is feeling better.  Throat still not so much.  I read online that if there's an abcess to gargle with a salt water solution so I tried that.  I'll be doing that again either before or after I brush my teeth.  Haven't decided which tactic would be better.  If there is an abcess and if it comes to the surface I will definitely be sucking it up popping that bad boy.  Believe that.  I already know from Aaron's past experiences that I'd feel a lot better in that eventuality.

  I also picked up a thing of whole cloves.  Last time I had terrible tooth pains that was the only thing that helped.  Well, it kind of helped.  I got clove oil the next day and that did the trick, but at the moment.... I don't know.  It seems like the spiky ends of the cloves are helping as much as the oil in them.  I dunno if it's misdirection, some bizarre accupuncture effect or something totally logical I can't fathom yet.  Either way, I think I'll keep up with this for as long as it continues to work because since I started doing that I haven't felt the need to pop more pills (though I will before I try to lay down) and even took a nap earlier.  I'm a little concerned about damage being done to my cheek, buuuuuuut.... I'll worry about that later.

  I also pressed our ice pack on my face for.... I don't know how long.  Long enough for it to go warm.  It was like some kind of sadistic game between me and my face.  Following the pain as it travelled from my throat to my temple and back.  I don't understand, though, how cold and hot (like when I'm in the shower) can both appear to help.  At least temporarily. 

  Looks like it's time to brush.  Wish me luck.  It's gonna hurt.

Monday, November 21, 2011


  Feels good to finally have things done.  My (almost) entire myspace blog has been transferred and now the whole thing is here and complete.  No more comments and those posts probably won't ever get read again, but that's ok.  I've deleted my myspace account and I feel a bit better having done that.  It feels like maybe it's time to start simplifying some things.  So much garbage.  So much junk.  The past has shown me that this is likely a futile endeavor, but I have to try.

  Saleen is still in the house.  I have her isolated in the spare room for the moment.  Let the other cats get used to her scent and sound; let her get used to being indoors without bad things happening.  I've blocked off every concievable escape route, but I'm not assuming there isn't one of which I haven't thought.  There's also the chance she'll just dart out when anyone's coming in or out through the front door.  Just have to hope.

  After all these weeks I have to assume that my headaches are a direct result of my hurty tooth.  That's kind of a scary thought, but at the moment there's nothing I can do about it.  Just keep pushing forward.  On the bright side I've managed to brush my teeth without hurting myself in the process.  I just start on the other side of my mouth and work my way slowly over to the offending tooth.  That's been helping.  Of course, now that I've said that it will probably be Pompeii next time.  That seems to be how it's liking to work.  As soon as I mention, or even think, that it might be getting better.... *BOOM*  pain.  *sigh*

  He's still asleep at the moment (it's not even 6am yet) so I think I'll get on the bike for a few and then shower before I start needing the water for dishes and laundry.  Baby steps....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Go Away Drama Llama

I don't understand why things have to be so difficult. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a "try to fix this shit" kind of day. Saleen has gone from minor annoyance to true problem. Not really 100% her fault, I suppose. She keeps catching the attention of the pit bull next door. Today that pitbull, who for some reason is named "Butter", barrelled into our yard despite Aaron's attempts to block the hole. Here's where Aaron's ingenuity and determination came into play to save the day. Again.

After the second time the dog got in our yard and wouldn't leave he decided to brave the yard. He went out through our window and jumped the back fence. He then walked up to the Mickey's where the neighbor's lady-friend works. She wasn't there, but another lady who has seen him and her talk a lot was. She got him in touch with the lady-friend (I don't know anybody's name; not being vague on purpose) and she got in touch with the neighbor and the situation is "taken care of". Supposedly the dog won't be allowed outside if nobody's home. We still need to get that cat in the house and somehow try to fix that fence so Butter (rediculous name for this dog; big, mean old pit bull) can't push through. No idea how we're going to pull that off, but we have to. It's through sheer blind luck my mom got sick and didn't end up going out like she had planned.

I'm trying not to think too hard about how lucky we are. Especially going through the blogs and catching bits where we left Elvis outside... *sigh* Feels like someone's tapping at my temple with an ice pick. I don't know how I'm going to trick that cat back into the carrier. The scent of cat food only goes so far. I'd really like to be able to go through a whole month with absolutely nothing happening. I do have a tentative plan. Assuming we can get her back in the house I'm going to lock her up alone in dad's man-cave by herself with food and water so she can get used to being in the house without getting attacked. Oh yes, by Onyx. I didn't see that coming. Have to duct tape my mom's bathroom cabinets closed. That's the only place I can fathom that cat is getting out. Always something.

Did a little housecleaning on facebook. Got rid of some people who were only on there for games I don't play anymore and a few people who really probably shouldn't have been on there in the first place. I just want peace. Peace is nice.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still Moving

Or recieving. Whichever visualization you prefer. It's slow going, but steadily going. More or less. Blogger starts captcha-ing after so many (I dunno how many) blogs so that's been my stopping point for the day. Those things hurt my eyes. I'm back to May 2009. If I hadn't deleted my archive so quickly I could have checked that to see when I started. Late 2008, I believe. Could be wrong. Oh yeah, I made the executive decision to do away with the website archive. Was a pain updating that, too, and since blogger has a handy archive right to the right it really is not needed.

I haven't been simming much. Partly because I have been on neopets more. Partly because I just haven't felt like loading it up and I think I'm bored with my author/cat-lover sim already. I really kind of miss Sims 2. With University and weather. I also kind of miss Sims on PS2. With their goals and stuff you have to do to progress. "You've roommated with Mimi and the house is a mess. Clean it up and do this and this and also this to move into a better house with a better roommate." I did like that. Maybe I'm also a little pissy that my town is lagging so badly. I worked so hard on it. One day I'll get a new computer.

I wish I could quit messing with my tooth. It hasn't been hurting as much. Except for when I nudge it with my bottom teeth. All too easy to do. This Colgate Sensitive toothpaste is really helping. I mean, it sucks balls at first because it really hurts at first. That initial "oh my gawd there's hot minty lava touching my tooth!" is awful, but it goes away pretty quickly.

Saleen is still outside. Apparently she's been spending a lot of time in one of the trees. I'm glad Aaron's seen her because I haven't in a while. I really want to try to get her in the house before it gets really cold. I may try tomorrow. Should be awake during the day. No way I'm trying at night. Not going to be easy, but maybe I'll get lucky. Hrm....

What was that other thing..... Oh yeah, 59 more stickers to complete my album. Yay! That means 19 more and I can just order the rest. I hope. I have the order form that came with the book, but it says I can order them online and get a 10% discount, buuuuuut..... they're not coming up on the website! The album was just published this year so I'm hoping that by the time I get to the point of "just ordering" the last of them it's updated. That they're not on the website has me more than a little concerned about sending them a check. There are two or three different Hello Kitty sticker albums (in the UK and beyond) and I really don't want to get sent the wrong stickers.

Ok, the new Big Bang Theory was supposed to come on at 7, but it's Two and a Half Men. I guess I'll just brush my teeth and lay down. It's been a long day and I'm tired. I think I've rambled enough.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Big Move

Actually, this is more like having a decapitated limb shipped back to you from overseas. After a quick test I learned that blogger will let me post blogs into the past. This means I can move my blog from myspace over to here and keep everything in order and maintain the original post dates. I'll lose all of my comments, but I'm pretty sure I'm ok with that. Since myspace doesn't have an archive I'm working from the most recent to the beginning, but since I can delete posts as I go along it's not too terrible a method. And I'm also remembering to update my blog archive so I don't have to try and do that later. Yay me! So that's what I'll be doing for a while. Then, I suppose, after that I should probably update the recent end of my blog archive. Won't really need it anymore, but... meh. It's nice to have.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Roundout

Happy Birthday to me! Another year come and gone. Over the years I've grown more than a little jaded about my birthday, but Aaron's worked hard to make them worthwhile. This year he's gone beyond our norm and my birthday turned into a 3-day mini extraveganza. Actually, it started a few days before when his mom's card came in and I was able to get for myself a new lava lamp. We should have a blue one somewhere, but I don't know where it is or if it's even still intact. I hope it is. Until then, I have a replacement.

I had been saying for a while I want another one (they're so fascinating) and while I was deciding what to spend my monies on he reminded me. :) Of course he couldn't help me decide which one to get so I decided on purple oil with orange wax. They also had pink oil with white wax and blue oil with green wax. All of them very tempting, but I finally settled on the one least like the one we already have. Yes, I'm hopeful it will be intact and recovered one day.

Saturday my dad was here. He hasn't been home for my birthday since he retired from the army, but I don't hold that against him. I know that at least when I was young enough to be really hurt by it that he would've been there if he had a choice and that's enough. Anyway, since he was leaving Sunday he and my mom gave me their present Saturday. It's a jewelry making kit with beads and wires and stuff. Just need to find the pliers and I can make some nice earrings. Aaron spent most of the day counting down the hours until midnight.

Sunday was a great day. More or less. I'm just recovering from being sick and he's in the process of getting sick so we spent a bit of time napping. Even so we managed to have fun while we were awake. Fresh at midnight we had some chocolate lava cake. Of course shortly into my special day the internet crapped out, but I still managed to reply (through my phone) to all the wonderful people who wished me a happy birthday on facebook. We went to Subway for lunch and even though I got a $6.50 sub and he got a $7.75 sub and I got a cookie it only cost us about $10. Neat! Mystical, unspoken birthday discount. After lunch we napped until dinner. Which my mom made without making a huge mess of the kitchen! I had my favorites. Nurnbergerwurst, spaetzle, kartoffelsalat, deviled eggs and brussel sprouts. Was so good and I absolutely stuffed myself. Our oven is (still) broken, but my mom made mini cupcakes in this mini-cupcake maker she got. They came out really good. After dinner we were treated to a new episode of Walking Dead. So that's more coincidence than anything else, but it was still a good episode. Unfortunately all of our napping closed a window he needed to get through to get my gift which brings us to:

Monday! Today. We went to sleep earlier than usual so we woke up at a normal, human time. Which was good for two reasons. The first was that we could get to walmart "in time" and the second became apparently shortly after waking up. We need a new bed. Ok, fine, futon. Whatever. He went to get up and *ker-SNAP* There goes even more support. So we got the money together and went out for our normal errands first. This is where his meticulous time framing came into play.

Hello Kitty balloons and pink roses!! :D I've been trying to think about it all day (off and on) and I can't remember the last time, if ever, anybody's ever given me roses like that. They're really nice and they smell so good. And they look so pretty sitting on my computer tower.

Then, on our second trip out for the futon, disaster struck. At some point, I don't know when, I lost my wedding ring. :( Even before I lost all that weight it was loose, but losing the weight and also the cold haven't helped. I've almost lost it a couple of times, but this time I think it's gone for real. I can't find it anywhere and there's the very good possibility that I lost it in Walmart. We got plain silver bands for a couple of very good reasons: we both strongly prefer silver to gold, I don't really wear fancy jewelry, and even though we couldn't afford expensive rings we wouldn't have gotten them if we could because they're just a chunk of metal. What makes them special is what we put into them. So the one thing I have in my favor is that I only have to deal with the guilt of having lost it and not compound that guilt with "omg that's $1,000 gone!" or whatever people spend on rings these days. I don't know what jewelry costs, don't even window shop at expensive jewelry stores. Not my thing. I'm going to keep looking, but my hopes are not high. My poor finger feels so naked.

So all in all I did have a pretty sweet birthday. Except for being sick. And my stupid tooth. I picked up some toothpaste for sensitive teeth and that's been helping a little. It's supposed to take two weeks for full effect so there's time. I'm not taking near as many pain pills as I was a week ago and I'm no longer contemplating (as strongly) taking a pair of pliers to it and wrenching it out of my skull. So yay for that. I almost picked up a set of those Sally Hansen nail thingies and decided against it. They did have the denim, but.... I got some nice, shimmery orange polish instead. For the season. (Because contrary to what the stores are trying to tell us, it's still autumn for another month and a half) The actual color is "Naughty Girl". I dunno if it looks naughty

but it does look seasonally appropriate and festive. And shiny. Three coats and it's still a bit transparentish. I think next time I'll paint it over another color. I don't really have orange, but maybe over black? Or white. I has colors.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Phone Lookie: November Edition

Ok, I'm kind of twisting my own arm on this one. I don't know if it's that sickie-tickle in my sinus or something else, but I've been feeling out-of-sorts lately. That point where I'd rather just crawl back under the covers than do anything else. But I'm pressing on. Not because I like being miserable, but because I know how hard it is to restart doing something after you stop. I like blogging and talking to people. So perhaps after this I'll take a shower and get to the emails. Showers help.

Contrary to my natural inclination to save the best for last, I'm going to start off with two pics I took the last time my dad was here. He was having problems with his truck and took a rental car home from Loredo. A rental car we had to return to the airport in Austin. Inconvenient, but a fun little adventure. I followed him there and then we took a wrong turn and he followed me because I have the gps in my phone. Sure we could have used it the whole way, but a bit of research between gps and mapquest has brought to my attention the gps' habit of taking longer routes than is absolutely necessary. First I present to you the parking lot of the Austin airport as seen from my perch near the rental car return depot.

Just as I was turning around I saw my dad walking towards me. He smiled. Not sure if it was a "hey, I made it" smile or a "my daughter's crazy" smile; but he didn't say "don't you put that up on the internet" so here it is.

While I was trying to catch the cat I also took this picture. The label tickled my fancy in a wartime not-quite-nostalgia kind of way and that's why it's sepia and wasn't included in the previous post.

While Aaron and I were hanging out with one of his friends on Halloween the light behind him really brought out the Edward qualities of his makeup and even though I had him revert to the same position he was in before noticing me I still couldn't quite capture what I saw. Shame. It really was something striking I wish I could've shared with you.

Which leads me to my werewolf wig. I tried to get just a quick picture to show people, but without makeup it just wasn't something I was willing to share with the world at large.

This shadow picture, on the other hand, is fairly interesting. I was going to use this for my new profile picture if none of the other (make-uped) ones ended up being good enough.

And here's a little picture of my niece. I forget why my sister sent this one.

This one she sent with a string of Halloween pictures. Apparently she didn't want to give up the costume. Fell asleep in it. Can't say I blame her. I was usually a witch with a plastic-bag type costume and plastic mask and still didn't want to take mine off until I absolutely had to.

This past Thursday I drove my mom out to Walmart so the (nice) ladies could pick her up for the PWOC conference in Kansas. While we were sitting there waiting for them to show up and spirit her away, the monks showed up! There were two, but I was trying to be inconspicuous and only caught one.

We're not sure what it was exactly or where it came from, but Aaron ended up with an infected something on his leg. He tried to doctor it, but it just wasn't getting any better so we went to the emergency room. This is what it looked like after he checked in and we were sitting there waiting (forever) to be called.

So you don't worry: It's much better now. And last, but certainly not least, here's my nephew's new tattoo. I was treated to this bit because Aaron's phone doesn't send or recieve pictures even though it's part of his phone plan to be able to do so. It worked out, though, because I was able to coordinate with him to call Aaron on his birthday. :) That was a nice surprise for him.

And that is all the pictures that were piled up in my phone during October. I am still simming, just not as much as I have been. Not enough to compile a good story. Animal training and such. Pretty repetitive. I'm debating starting another game (after Symli dies) in a premade town and see how big I can make a family before the dreaded Lag Demon strikes. I do still really want to do a legacy family!! :( We'll see, I guess. Shower time!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where'd October Go?

So far into November it's almost my birthday already. Insanity. I do have some random phone pictures to post up, but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. They're not that great, but that's ok. We did end up having an amazing Halloweenniversary even though we had no plans to start out with. Actually, I can share the pictures of our costumes. Way better than the non-plan I had when I started.

First, our jack-o-lantern. This year's gem was a top-heavy oblong shape. We turned it into Frankenstein's monster.

And Jet got in on the festivities. She wasn't entirely happy about it. In fact, she went entirely frigid when I put the little hat on her, but she is so adorable.

Next: Our official costumes. Aaron was Edward Scissorhands. Made his whole costume practically from scratch.

I was going to be a vault dweller from the Fallout Games. Until one day we were at the (evil) mall and this beauty caught my eye. I've wanted a Sailor Moon costume since I was a teenager and just could not pass this up.

Ok, so it's not the right wig. Edward doesn't seem to mind... ok he kinda does look like he might mind but that's just Aaron being in character because Edward was unaccustomed to physical contact.

Unofficially... we just like dressing up. Aaron held a poll so people could vote on which costume he was going to do. Edward won, but the Ash (of Evil Dead fame) supporters were so vocal he didn't want them to feel left out. So he did Ash, too.

That came out great, too. Throughout the Halloween season I had been seeing this werewolf wig from "Monster High" that I really wanted because it has ears (pierced ears!) and I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.... but not $12 worth of cool. Luckily HEB had it on sale for $6 the day after Halloween so I snatched it up.

Fair warning: tomorrow will be another installment of random phone pictures. :p If you come back you'll get to see some of my relatives.