Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Can't Sleep

I don't know if this is the full reason, but it's at least part of it. You should know by now I'm not given to freaking out over nightmares, and this wasn't even really a nightmare. I guess it was more the disturbing nature of a couple of the elements that made me wary about falling back asleep. Then once I started feeling sleepy it was only a couple of hours before I have to drop my dad of so.... here I am.

I don't remember the full dream, maybe due in part to my waking up with half my body numb. I do remember some things, though. Like being in some kind of store with Aaron, Hayley and one or two other people. I don't know what happened exactly, but suddenly Aaron turned around and he's... not himself. He started attacking. I was trying to protect Hayley without hurting Aaron so I hid her in a rack of clothes and flew up toward the ceiling. Instead of shooting fireballs like I normally do against an attacker I started shooting these pink bubbles out of my hands. They were filled with some kind of sleeping gas, but it wasn't very powerful and only slightly slowed him down. Also, bubbles are very hard to aim. I flew up through a hole in the roof and sat up there for a bit to sort of catch up with myself. The bubbles are new. I looked off the roof and Fatass and Dipshit were on the ground, but they were like ogres. Ogres wielding those plasma guns from Doom. They started to shoot at me and luckily I was able to dodge fairly well because I was still shooting out those pink gas-filled bubbles and missing horribly. They kept chasing me around the building (I don't know why I jumped off in the first place) and back inside and I tried to fly back up through that hole and barely made it. I could tell this wasn't going well at all and woke myself up. Which is when I discovered my numbness. The odd part about that is the side that was numb isn't even the side I was laying on when I woke up.

Welp, time to get dressed and take my dad to the lot. Hopefully when I get back I can sleep and have a less distressing dream.

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