Thursday, October 6, 2011

Webnails and Dreamscapes

Ok, you caught me, I half-stole that title from Stephen King. Appropriate, though, since it's getting close to Halloween! Always an exciting time. By now I've usually gone on about how well our costumes are coming along and posting up pictures of the front porch. It's been an off year. It's nice out, now, so hopefully we can at least get some decorating done.

Back to what I was going to talk about. I keep getting distracted by my awesome nails! :D In what was possibly an effort to bribe/placate me, my mom picked up these:

I had been looking at these things for a while, wondering if they actually worked since I doubt they're really worth the $9 price tag. I want the denim looking ones. They look really neat. Actually like denim! I am a bit concerned about rumors that Sally Hansen and/or some of their suppliers test on animals so I'm going to do more research on that before laying down any of my own money on them. But I digress, again. I got pretty bored after simming last night. After sitting here for about five minutes looking at the box I decided I'd go ahead and give them a shot, even though it's not really close to Halloween yet. My first attempt was wildly unsuccessful. I followed the directions exactly and they just would not stick! After sitting here a bit dejected for another five minutes or so I decided to check if YouTube had any tutorial videos that could help me. Interesting that as many people are obsessed with that site, it's usually the last place I think to check. (yes, even after snagging that awesome hair tutorial I used for my vlog) After typing in the keywords I came up with a video that was some lady talking and a slide-show of pictures. Well.... what good does that do me?! That's exactly the same thing as the box. Very unhelpful. Then, on the side, I saw this one:

I couldn't figure out how to embed a youtube video, but that should give you the link if you want to watch it. Apparently she has her own beauty blog (which I haven't checked out yet) and got some feedback from a friend who had tried them and reworked the method to (hopefully) negate some of the negative aspects. I'd say it worked. I used her tips and methods and got all of the nails on in under half an hour. Longer than it usually takes me to do my nails, but then I generally don't have neato designs all over them.

The color is a bit off because my webcam was coming up red and I couldn't fix it. I know it's a bit hard to tell, but the design looks almost exactly like on the box. I say "almost" because they have the design centered on the strip and since my nails are so short (again) a couple of them are missing that spiderweb center point. Still, they look pretty awesome and if I can confirm that Sally Hansen does not test on animals (I really hope they don't because those wax hair removal strips are amazing, too) I would concider getting more in the future.

Now for the second part of today's blog. My dream. I woke up early this morning to drop my dad off at the lot (in the middle of the week?! I know!) and was still kinda tired when I got home so I laid back down for a bit and dreamt the following:

Aaron and I were at the lake. It was low like it is currently, but we were out in it anyway. It was daylight out so there wasn't that scary "it's so dark I can't see anything!" feeling. I was waist-neck deep in the water and Aaron, standing right next to me, was only ankle deep. He started moving toward the shore so I started "swimming" towards him. The water wasn't very deep at all so it was more of an awkward mud-skipping dance. He was standing on the shoreline skipping rocks and they were zinging past my head. He wasn't trying to hit me, just happened to be skipping the rocks where I was "swimming". I got to the shore and was sitting in the mud and water when it started to rain. I got scared (lightning!) and noticed he was already walking up the path so I struggled up out of the water, grabbed my stuff and followed as the rain pelted down on me.

We got back "home" and he stayed outside while I went inside. It was dark and the lights inside were very dim. It wasn't a trailer like we're in now, it was smaller, and in an overgrown, dingy kind of trailer park. My mom was outside, my dad was at work, I think my sister was around and there was a guy inside. He didn't say anything, but kept smiling at me. Not in a creepy, lecher kind of way; more like he was genuinely happy to be seeing me. I went in the kitchen to check on dinner. The kitchen floor was of the fake-linoleum-painted-to-look-like-wood variety, but that wasn't the only thing wrong with it. The entire kitchen floor was covered with about three inches of refried beans so my feet were squishing through the floor with every step. I just knew I was going to have to clean that up.

After checking on dinner (which I kind of assume was all over the floor, but I'm not sure) I went back down the hall and that guy was sitting on the (not bean covered) floor. I was talking to him (one-sided conversation, he didn't say anything, remember?) and for some reason I started climbing up the door. I was halfway up the door, my top half around talking to him, my back half behind the door, clinging horizontally. I was halfway up the door (yes, I said that already) when my mom called me out. So I dropped down and went outside to see what she wanted. I caught a bit of "we're going to have to figure out how to get that $50 back" by the time I got to her. She was looking at a red truck that we had gotten from Goodwill. Well, my dad had gotten it from Goodwill and I don't know why she was being so nosey poking around it. Regardless, she *was* being nosey and opened up the hood to discover there wasn't an engine in it and that's why she wanted it taken back.

And then I woke up.


  1. mmm.. bean floor :p

    nice nails!

  2. hehe thanks. I think in the dream I had some idea of scooping up the beans, but the floor was all spongy so I was afraid it would ruin what was left of it's integrity....


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