Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nail Strip Review

Wow! Look at me. Doing a product review. And for free, too. If you've been following along a little over two week ago I tried out the Sally Hansen Nail Strips with pretty decent results. They went on smoothly and lasted, well, a little over two weeks. I just removed them because the part that sorta overlaped my cuticles was starting to chip a bit and of course my nails have grown. I should've gotten a picture so you could see (and compare, cuz that's what people do) how long they grew... maybe next time I'll remember. I only used a thin layer of clear polish to get them to stick, but they were still pretty difficult to get off. It is just nail polish and regular nail polish remover did get them off, but that must be one cohesive formula because... well... like I said it took forever. Is two weeks of intricately detailed nails worth $9? Meh. Maybe for special occassions. I wouldn't do it every two weeks, but it was pretty cool and the ladies at the bank loved them.

While we were at HEB I noticed these:

Sort of the same thing, with less variety and a couple more differences I'll get to in a second. Unable to find a price I walked over to the price-check scanner and they were only $6.50. Still more than I spend on nail polish, but they had some interesting designs so I grabbed black with blue peace symbols (you'd think I'd learn my lesson about dark-on-black from the moon and star contacts, but no) and just a few moments ago I tried them out.

Since it's close to Halloween (even though I'll be wearing gloves) I decided to only use a couple of strips and do the fingers on which I wear my rings. I painted the rest black. I was going to do blue to match the symbols, but I thought this would be more subtle. It is.... just perhaps a bit too subtle. Anyway, unlike the Sally strips these ones have an adhesive backing. This is good and bad. They stick a lot better without help, but whatever adhesive they used prevented the strips from going on as smoothly. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out so well. I doubt you'll make out the peace signs, but maybe you can see the jagged edge and some refracted light from the... uh... unsmoothness.

I know, awful picture. One day I'll shell out big bucks for a super megapixel camera. Perhaps if I had cuticle scissors to cut off the excess around my nail (where the skin is, the accompanying file was still sufficient for the tip) it wouldn't look so bad. I guess the real test is how long they last and if I can get them smoother when I do all my nails. I'm debating coating all of my nails with glow in the dark nail polish tomorrow and seeing how they react to that. I also fear that these will be even harder to remove even though the box says they come off easily. I guess we'll see and whether you care or not I'll let you know.

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