Friday, October 14, 2011

Looking In My Phone Again

Guten Abend, dear Readers. It's that time again! ("To make bubbles with our spit?".... Damn you Animaniacs!!) I did not sim today, but that's okay because I was pretty productive while avoiding the upcoming lag that is sure to ensue while I get things worked out the way I want for that household. Procrastination does have it's perks when properly utilized! Where was I? Oh yes, I got a wig for my Sailor Moon costume. It was long blonde braids. I undid the braids and put them up into Sailor Moon's trademark odangos (dumplings) and I think they look ok concidering. (Concidering the cheap-asses that made the wig made the undersides of the braids practically empty to save on materials) The yellow/red jewel parts that go over the odangos mostly cover them up (which isn't right) but they're there and you can see them from the side and back so I guess that's ok. Also, through a series of unfortunate events I found out that my wonderfully quirky Goodwill Jeans were not, in fact, waterproof as I had assumed. Whoever arted them up did so with washable markers! Can you believe that?! So I picked up a 4-pack of Sharpies (ok, HEB generic Sharpies) and re-went over every line, referencing my pictures for the parts that were totally washed out. I did quite well if I do say so myself. They're in the dryer now because according to the internet "Do not put them in the dryer or the stain will set!" Well, I want the "stain" to set, so in the dryer they are. Thirty minutes on high heat should set them pretty well. *fingers crossed* I'll be testing them before allowing them to go through the washing machine. I wash everything on cold (It's more energy efficient. Go Green!) so that should help as well.

Now, back to those ever delightful (perhaps?) random pictures I take with my phone that never end up going anywhere. Would it interest you to know that this recurring series of images now have their own sub-albumed album on photobucket? Monthly Phone Pics/Whatever Month-Year. Yep. It's an institution now. Get used to it. ;) Ok, before I get distracted again....

This first picture I took with the intention of sending it to Ricky, but at the time his phone wasn't capable of recieving pictures so it just sat in there forgotten. Aside from the initial offensive shock that someone actually took the time to do this, note the proper use of "You're" instead of the lazy "your". Not working with your average ignoramus here, no sir. Also note that over a month later the labels are STILL situated like this. No employee has bothered to correct their positioning. In fact, they know it's like this and are too lazy to fix it, evidenced by the rack they're on being slid behind another rack. Disgraceful.

Number two is a gem from Fallout: New Vegas. With the "Wild Wasteland" perk you're treated to hilarious little add-ins that are references to other things that people enjoy. In this case the holy hand grenades of Antioch from Monty Python. These three grenades explode with the power of a nuclear bomb. In case you were wondering.

This is just a regular Totino's pizza I microwaved after dumping almost half a bag of mozerella on top. Cheesy.

Welcome back, Monkey! This one I think I took with the intention of sending to somebody and forgot. Notice the top of the image is glitched a bit. This happens sometimes with the phone's camera so I can't rely on it for really important things I want to remember clearly. Just in case.

Imagine if you will: It was nighttime. Sometime before 1am. Aaron wanted something from HEB. I slow him down (He calls me Moe. As in Moe-lasses) so I stayed in the car while he ran in real quick. I noticed I could see the moon in the sideview mirror and tried to take a picture. I thought as big as it looked it would come out better than it did. Can you see it? It's that yellow orb floating next to the parking lot light.

Ok, this one was just fun and tickled me greatly. I picked up a pack of Juicy Fruit (a childhood favorite) and inside was this unicorn with a message explaining that if I took a picture of it and texted it to whatever number I'd get a surprise. That ended up being a video of a unicorn (puppet) singing a song about Juicy Fruit. If this sounds familiar then congratulations. You're a Regular Reader.

When I did my nails with those Sally Hansen strips I took a picture with each camera so I could pic the clearest one. The webcam won out on that exchange. This image just never got deleted.

Once upon a time, a couple of weeks ago, I took it upon myself to figure out once and for all why the electric litterbox kept catching and not going back to it's "ready" position. If you don't know, after the cat sets off the motion detector it takes an agonizing 15 minutes for it to scoop. So I had to sit there. For over 20 minutes because Icarus decided he had to poop about halfway through my wait. He seems to look like he thinks something is wrong (why else would I be sitting on the bathroom floor for so long?) and, in fact, headbutted me comfortingly a couple of times before losing interest and scampering off.

And the grand finale. You may or may not know that I quite enjoy reading. I do a fair bit of my reading in the bathroom. But no normal "bathroom reader" or magazine will suffice. I like to read. Prior to these two books I was working my way through a book of Shakespearian comedies. Then Brak recommended "A Few Corrections". I'm not sure if she actually recommended it or if she just told me about it and I found the plot worthy of exploring; either way it was a good book. Just as I was finishing that, my mom got me that Stephen King book. It's a collection of short stories. The first one is pretty good so far, but I know a twist of some kind is coming since the guy is confessing to the murder of his wife. Why did I use the negative filter? Because I realized I hadn't used any of the filters in a while and that was the whole purpose of this picture. That and to share the books I'm reading. It's my blog, I'm allowed to talk all about me if I want! So there. You wanna talk about you? Start your own blog.

So there you have it. The third installment of "pictures I took with my phone and never did anything with". No videos this time. Sorry.

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  1. ha! i wouldn't be surprised if it was the employees who put the stickers like that. killeen....


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