Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Fuzzies

I haven't been sleeping as well as I usually do. Waking up early and laying back down. My dreams have also been a mish-mash of randomness. I'm not sure if I've discussed it previously, but I have a trick to help myself get to sleep. I'll lay down (obviously) and let my mind play out a story. Usually it'll continue from the previous night. Not always. Last night ended up being different. I ended up thinking about Elvis. More specifically, I started thinking about Elvis after a haircut and how soft his fur was and it almost shocked me at how clearly I could remember that feeling. I remembered how skinny he looked after we'd give him a haircut and how silly and adorable he was without all that neck fur. Then I started thinking about how on cold nights he'd snuggle up between us under the covers (whereas he'd normally sleep sprawled out across our legs) and that is how I fell asleep. Remembering. I'll never stop missing that crazy old bugger.

That's not a fully finished haircut (it was a process) and, yeah, he fell asleep on his water cup. Hrm. I wonder if I still have that back-up disc from the old computer. Maybe that has more.

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