Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun with Negatives

Hello peoples. Sorta inadvertantly got myself hooked on neopets and Sailor Moon again so I haven't been simming.... much at all. I think part of me is still scared of the upcoming lag. Perhaps another part of me is waiting for Pets which came out today (yesterday; the 18th) and we haven't gotten to pick up yet. But there will be a continuation of sims. Unless installing Pets does something horrible to my game and I lose everything again. Oh noes! I hope not. In the meantime, rather than bore you to death with my mundane neopets achievements I've taken some pictures. As you may have guess by now they're all with the negative filter. It's one of my favorites. Gives things sort of an otherworldy appearance.

This first one is my desktop. It's a green Spardel (neopets) with grass underneath and a yellow/orange sky behind it.

Water and soda bottle sitting on a box in front of my air conditioner. If you're trying to visualize: As I'm sitting here at the computer, this is the stuff immediately to my left.

Here is the xbox and a ton of junk sitting on the bed. A little further to the left of where I sit.

Here is one of the many Hello Kittys on my jammies.

And just for the fun of it here's a video of Aaron playing Batman: Arkham City. I wanted to get a kickass fight scene, but he was in the middle of trying to figure out a puzzle.

And, hey, I just realized I was in such a hurry to get this stuff uploaded that I totally didn't crop or resize anything! So, hey, enjoy the bigness.

And for anybody reading this who's interested (or bored and doesn't want to get back to whatever they were doing just yet) today (fine, yesterday, whatever) was my hubby's birthday! We went to the midnight release of Arkham City which was way more packed than I expected. We did run into a guy we knew and that was kinda cool. Before handing out the games they held a raffle for t-shirts and posters which was.... kinda bad. Used to be you'd get free stuff for pre-ordering. For Bully I got the special edition because I wanted the dodgeball and stickers, but for Scarface we got a poster. Or... now that I think about it we might have gotten that because we were there all the time and "sort of" friends with the clerk by that point? I'm not sure. I just know when we paid it off they had already gotten the shipment and he gave us the poster. It's really cool, I'll have to try and get a picture one of these days. I miss Emilio..... *ahem* Anyway, they held a raffle for t-shirts and posters and the two game displays. Aaron got a shirt! :D He won on his birthday! That was awesome. Day before yesterday I was talking to his nephew and told him it was Aaron's birthday and we coordinated for him to call. You know, for his birthday. And he did! And Aaron was so happy to hear from him and it was so hard keeping that secret, but I'm so glad I did. Was well worth it. I'm glad I could help give him a good birthday.

Another present I got for him was this Yoostar thing.... you're supposed to be able to put yourself in movie scenes and do green screen stuff and we're just having the hardest time getting it to work. And it sucks ass that you have to pay for extra scenes and stuff. They give you a couple, but really? It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to have a damn credit card. Haven't they ever heard of e-check or paypal?! Ass nuggets. Once we get it figured out I'll probably be posting the videos here and/or on facebook. Since last time I tried uploading to YouTube it totally borked my subtitles that I worked so hard to add.

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