Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digital Wonderland #9

Oh hi! Welcome back. Yes, we're still here. Just that we weren't moving fast enough for *somebody* so I guess She went off to do something about it. And now we're here and there's so much to tell! Well, sort of. We've been really busy there's hardly any time for fun, but check this out!

My darling Arianna is a teenager! She's so beautiful, and I'm so proud of her. She's doing really well in school and even got herself a part time job at the mausoleum. I know! Creepy.

Oops. How'd that get in there? I think that's probably the look I gave her when she told me where she was going to be working after school. *ahem* April grew up well into toddlerhood which made her even more of a handful. Between work and more work it was kind of a struggle getting her walking and talking and such. She's a good girl, though, and Arianna helped out in her spare time.

Shen is such a protective father of his two little girls. Soon as they both had some spare time he started teaching Arianna martial arts so she can build confidence (not really a problem, but I guess it couldn't hurt) and defend herself if she needed to.

She is quite a natural and with her father's expert guidance she earned her orange belt in almost no time at all!

Speaking of "no time at all" can you believe April is a child already?! Oh I hate my job. I feel like I missed so much of her toddler time. It is handy that she doesn't need so much attention, though.

And she's always got her big sister to help her out with homework and stuff.

Oh and my wonderful husband. He's a pilot now! Doesn't he look so hot in his new uniform? Just one more promotion and he'll be an astronaut just like he's always dreamed.

Weekends are a special time for my beautiful family. It seems like the only time we all get to just sit around and relax. More or less. Breakfast looks good, anyway. And those pancakes are made with some of the grapes I grew myself!

Of course we all knew this day was coming. I'm not concerned, they had a huge assembly at the school to explain to parents that this is a very normal, natural part of a growing sim's childhood. Some kids grow out of it, some end up with a new friend for life.

Uhm.... Oh yes, Shen had a birthday! I wish he could retire, but he's adamant about becoming an astronaut. I hope he doesn't hurt himself. He's still very sexy, if I do say so myself.

So, I think that's everything. Arianna is about to have her birthday and I've almost completed my nectar cellar. So exciting!


  1. wow. they really do grow up fast ;)

  2. They do! lol I even lengthened parts of their lifespans a bit but there's just not enough hours in a day....


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