Saturday, October 29, 2011

Digital Wonderland #17

I was so relieved when Puzzle finally made it back from the spa. I threw myself into her arms sobbing. I just didn't know what else to do! She was very understanding and thought that moving was a great idea. So she packed up those sentimental things, including Shen's urn, and I went through the real estate listings.

I did notice a few new buildings that have cropped up around Oasis, pet parks and the like. Since they're all appropriately named I didn't spend too much time worrying about it. I found, instead, a nice little ranch-style house a few blocks north of here. Should suffice for just the two of us. I think it may be a bit unlucky, though. We lit the fireplace and the living room caught fire not just once...

But twice! After that we decided it would be best to leave the fireplace alone until I could get around to making it fireproof.

On the bright side insurance covered most of the damaged items. On the brighter side as I was laying down to bed I got a visit from Shen's spirit! He held me and I felt so much better. He told me everything was ok and he'd always watch over me. It was all so very sweet.

Puzzle's reaction to his presence in our bedroom wasn't quite as accepting. She said she'd never be able to sleep with a ghost wandering around. Actually, I don't think I could either. I'd always be waiting for him or spending time with him while I could. So this weekend we'll be taking him to the cemetary so he can make new friends.

True to her word about being unable to sleep, Puzzle went for a walk around town to enjoy the fresh air and... buy a horse?! What on earth are we going to do with a horse?

Although I do have to admit it was insanely easy converting the 2-car garage into a stable. And Skeeter instantly made himself at home. That's our horse's name. Skeeter.

The next day while Puzzle was caring for Skeeter (brushing him, cleaning his hooves... really, she's a natural) I got to work upgrading his water trough. Now it'll refill automatically. It's good to work with my hands again.

And by the time I was done with that, Skeeter was all ready for me to ride! This is amazing! He's so powerful and such an agile jumper! I'm so glad we have a horse!!

After just a few hours of training Skeeter suddenly took off down the street. With me still on his back! Watching the houses fly by from atop his back was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. We ended up in front of the International Equestrian Range and as luck would have it they were about to start a jumping competition. The lady at the front desk was kind enough to let me register.

At the end of the day Skeeter and I came in 3rd place. Not too shabby, eh? By the time we got home Puzzle was sound asleep. I'm glad. And I'm so glad to have her. Retirement is right around the corner and I can't believe I'm looking forward to it. She really is a genius.

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