Thursday, October 20, 2011

Digital Wonderland #15

Oh how my girls are growing up. So quickly! After prom it was only a couple days until graduation. In those couple of days April and Puzzle were inseperable. I suppose that's not too surprising since it was April's attention and dedication that helped give Puzzle the life she has now, but I wonder if all sims get this close to their "imaginary" friends?

The last day of school, right before graduation, something changed in April. She knew her birthday was right around the corner and I guess that stirred something in her. Before going to bed she made a call to China and invited Liang to visit.

Shen's behaviour has become increasingly unnerving. I suppose most women would be elated to get flowers for no reason, but I can't help feeling there is some reason. Whatever it was, he wouldn't share it with me.

He doesn't leave the house often (doesn't leave his bed often), but when he does he only visits one place. The cemetary. He says it's a peaceful place to meditate. I suppose it would be, but it's still a little disturbing.

He wasn't even feeling well enough to attend the girls' graduation. Liang was there. I was there. It was a fantastic ceremony. April was named valedictorian and "Most Likely to Achieve Her Lifetime Goal". Puzzle graduated with honors and was named "Most Likely to Become a Sports Star".... I'm wondering if they felt bad for her and gave her one intended for April....

After the ceremony I took Puzzle to the cafe for a scrumptious lobster dinner. April said something about helping Liang settle in. While they were alone on the porch she started to get close and flirty and that is when Liang finally revealed that he was married. April was hurt and furious. Why couldn't he say so before?! Why had this never come up?! She ran in the house and began packing her things immediately.

As Puzzle and I were pulling up to the house Liang was still standing there dumbfounded and April came out and silently, fiercely walked out of the house and got into a waiting cab. She didn't say a word to Puzzle (niether did Liang who is still staying with us for the time being) before leaving us.

I think, though, that Puzzle knows as well as I do (and Shen will when I tell him in the morning) that we probably won't be seeing April any time soon. If at all. She looks sad, but somehow resigned. I'll make some nice French Toast in the morning and, if she's still here, tell her she can stay as long as she wants.

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  1. secret marriage? that's a shame. at least puzzle gets to stick around.


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