Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Digital Wonderland #14

The girls finally made it to China! I'm happy to report that it was a fantastic trip for the both of them. Shortly after landing they hugged and wished each other luck as they went off to pursue their seperate ambitions.

As expected April's first order of business was to meet up with her friend from France. Liang Lu.

She says they had a great many wonderful conversations and a couple of friendly sparring matches. She won a few, he won a few. In the end she gained two martial arts levels bringing her a couple of steps closer to achieving her lifetime goal.

Puzzle took her task very seriously (I believe I've mentioned she's a very serious girl) and started by asking around if there was a public garden or harvest field nearby. After a few inquiries she finally found this lovely spot where she was able to harvest, daily, plenty of pomelos, plums and cherries! Oh I'm sure these will make fine nectar.

Of course being a couple of teenage girls, it wasn't all work. I wonder if it would bother April to find out that this is exactly where and how I met her father? Perhaps it is a fateful location.

I asked Puzzle about this next picture and she swears she has no idea what happened! She went to the market to grab some dinner. While she was standing in line the Relic Merchant and this paparazzi were having a conversation. It didn't sound heated, but suddenly a fight broke out! The Relic Merchant won and Puzzle was finally able to enjoy her meal.

Back home things have been a bit strange. I was unaware that gnomes could climb stairs. This is a disturbing development. Not near as disturbing as Shen's taking to sleeping most of the day. He does not look well. I've begged him to come with me to the hospital to get checked out, but he's stubborn and just waves me off.

He says "As long as I'm well enough to work, I'm well enough to stay home" which he proceeded to demonstrate by furnishing the laundry room we walled off and upgrading the washing machine. Followed by a 6 hour "nap".

Perhaps I worry too much since he was up and taking pictures when April and Puzzle left for prom. They may look noncommital leaving the house, but rumor has it they got quite close on the dance floor. Not only deciding to go steady but also sharing their first kiss. To top off the night April was crowned prom queen!

I'm glad they had such a great time, and I'm absolutely delighted by how their prom pictures came out! Don't they look fantastic together?

I have finally unlocked the heart-shape cut. 1000 simoleons per gem! I've chosen only the best to send for this cut. The Soulpiece I have been saving and a Vampire Eye I found glinting at me from behind some bushes across from the hospital. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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