Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Digital Wonderland #13

I think this is becomming quite the popular image. The Transformation!

It is a process that takes a decent amount of time, though. April was almost late for school. In fact, since Puzzle didn't fully transform until after the bus showed up, she didn't have school that day. I'm not sure, but there's something a bit unsettling about her eyes....

I would think any teenager with a free day off of school would take full advantage of the goof-off opportunities. Puzzle, however, is almost scary serious. The first thing she did was head down to the gem mine and retrieve the tent which was forgotten in all the excitement with the police.

Then she went down to the cemetary and placed all of the tombstones that were piling up in the mausoleums.

I guess Oasis is a lucky place. Everyone so far has died of old age.

Oh! I almost forgot. When I got back to the hospital I went by the pharmacy and they said that 4 scarab beetles was plenty. They would have liked more for back-up, but really they only needed three and would let me know if they required more for their tests. So they let me keep one! I've named it Hatshepsut.

April and Puzzle are still getting along. So well, in fact, that they've decided to attend prom together! Isn't that sweet? Neither of them have boyfriends so it's really the perfect solution for them. Maybe they'll find someone special there? Oh how I've missed the quiet scratchings of kids helping each other with their homeworks.

April is still begging to go to China. To participate in the martial arts tournament, she says. I'm not sure if I believe that, but she's never given me any reason to not trust her. Shen hasn't been feeling so well lately, and I'm as busy as ever at the hospital, so we'll be sending April and Puzzle to China. Puzzle has taken an interest in my gardening so I've asked her to keep her eyes open for any other special fruits we can grow for nectar. April will be on the lookout for new gems I can get cut. It started out as kind of a hobby, but now I'm hoping that all of these gems will someday come in handy. Even if it's just as something to pass down to my children. Although, you can't argue with how pretty they look carefully placed around the house.

So sparkly! I think I've almost unlocked the ability to get them heart-shape cut. I gather it's quite difficult so the jeweler only offers it to serious collecters. Oh I hope. I've been hanging on to this soulpiece gem and I'd just love to get it cut in the shape of a heart.

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