Monday, October 10, 2011

Digital Wonderland #11

Bonjour! And welcome back. I have some exciting news! Shen is an astronaut!! He took one trip into space, realized he was space-sick (I guess that's like seasick?) and retired. Got a very nice benefit package, too. I just worry about how he's going to fill his time.... Another bit of good news! I also achieved my lifetime wish! Feast your eyes on my incredible nectar cellar!!

Ok, so it doesn't look that much different than before, but trust me. Those racks are full of expensive, delicious nectar. I'm so excited! I'm glad I took a nap, too. Arianna threw a house party and invited me! All of us, actually, but Shen and April were already in bed when the party started. I was on call so I had taken a nap. She's in a really nice house.

Should introduce myself to her roommates. Turns out, though, it was a pool party. Odd since they don't have a pool. Hrm. We had a nice chat anyway.

Unfortunately just as I was about to introduce myself to her hunky roommate I got called to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Ah well, I know where he lives.

Since April's been doing so well with her schoolwork her teachers volunteered her to go to France and interview a few of the locals for a special research assignment. I'm so proud! And look at my little girl taking the subway all by herself. Brings a tear to my eye.

She says she had a really great time. Didn't have any problem with the locals. Even interviewed the bookstore owner who was very friendly, having remembered me from my trips there.

And she met this young man who was visiting from China. They seemed to hit it off really well. And guess who wants to visit her father's homeland now? *sigh* Teenagers.

Aside from that little decision, she also made another while she was talking with him. She's finally settled on her lifetime wish! She wants the "perfect body". This means mastering the athletic and martial arts skills. Well, I guess if she's dedicated she just might finish that before graduating high school.... but then what will she have to look forward to?!

She also admitted to sampling some nectar while overseas. When in Rome, I suppose. At least she didn't go overboard.... as far as she's admitted....

I think, perhaps, when she goes to China I'll send her father with her. You know, to keep an eye on things.


  1. that is weird she'd have a pool party without a pool. and that he would wear boots with swim trunks... to each his own, i guess.

  2. Oh I hate that so much. Stupid EA!!! They made a pirate outfit that Aaron paid for and downloaded (only reason I keep it installed) and they made it active for EVERY outfit. They can sleep and swim in the suit and boots. -_-


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