Friday, October 7, 2011

Digital Wonderland #10

Oh! Hi! Yes... Uhm... Right. Let's see... As if things weren't jumbled up enough, April had her birthday. She's a teenager now!

On top of that, Arianna had her birthday, too! And this is precisely (ok, partly) what I was afraid of. She had her birthday coming out of work so she celebrated in the cemetary... so spooky!

When she got home I was just waking up to make some breakfast so we had a nice long chat. She decided it was time for her to move out and begin the next phase of her life. I'm so sad to see her go, but it's good that she's ready to move out, right? That means I did a good job raising her?

For some reason Oasis thought we could all use some time to adjust to the new family dynamic so Shen and I were given the day off of work and April was given the day off of school. We decided to spend some quality family tv time together.

Until the stupid tv broke. If we had the need for a better one Shen could just make it unbreakable, but instead we have "boosted" channels. Ah well, easy enough to fix. And it gave me a chance to work on my gardening/cooking.

And for Shen to start teaching martial arts to April.

It's amazing. As quickly as Arianna took to the skill she never really put it into practice. April, on the other hand, was having a hard time grasping it from the training dummy and instead opted to learn via a more hands-on approach.

So much has happened so quickly. Shen is one day away from becoming an astronaut, April has decided to concentrate on school instead of getting a job. And I have had a birthday! I'm a proper adult now. Seems like only yesterday. I don't feel too much different, but I supposed these wrinkles speak for themselves.

I don't feel like time is running short just yet, but it can not be denied that Shen isn't getting any younger. It makes me sad just to think about... So I won't! He's in good health and very athletic. No use thinking about things that haven't happened yet.

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  1. that is so fitting that ariana celebrated in a graveyard. she always reminded me of that kid from poltergeist. :p


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