Wednesday, October 26, 2011

B&W Cat Catching

So my sister had this cat. A nervous little thing named... let's say Saleen. I don't know how she spelled it, but that's how it sounds. Sah-leen. I don't know all of the details (nobody gives me details) but now we have Saleen. This cat should have been named "Houdini" because she has a knack for finding ways to get out. The first day she pulled the screen away from the back door and skinked out. I caught her. Then she managed to wriggle through a hole in the floor. So back I went into the wild to recapture that elusive ball of nerves.

She learned from my previous day's tactics, that much is certain. Yesterday I needed only a bowl of water and a bit of patience. Today I had to step my game up a bit. I got a can of food to bait the carrier and it still took her forever to decide she was hungry enough to risk going back inside. I sat there thinking, "I should have brought something to drink." and then "I should have brought my book!" Fortunately I did remember to bring my phone. In a fit of Let's be Artsy I opted for the monochrome filter this time.

I tried to remain still and make soothing noises, but she was definitely more wary than last time. Sitting under the house just where I could barely see her eyes. She did come out a couple of times to investigate that intoxicating aroma.

These two are actually my favorites. Especially the second one with the door.

Finally the cat started coming up and sniffing around the outside of the carrier. Possibly trying to find a way in that didn't involve going past the metal gate-door.

Still I sat patiently, trying to find things of interest that I thought would make decent monochromatic pictures.

Finally after about half an hour or so she decided she was hungry enough to take the bait. She knew that's what it was, but went in anyway. I've seen her a couple of times in the house, but not recently. Hopefully she's just hiding. I really don't want to have to do that again. Not really sure it would work again and we really don't want her going further than under the house.


  1. she's a beautiful cat. i hope you can get her calmed down some.

  2. Me too concidering she got out again. -_-


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