Thursday, September 22, 2011

Test Site #5

I must say, Egypt is a fabulous place! The man who ordered the painting had a spare easel laying around and asked if I'd mind leaving Patient x349b there for a bit to create more masterpieces. Of course I don't mind. I had a vital sign monitor and tracking chip installed (I know, how convenient!) so there was little to worry about leaving him anywhere. This left me free to explore. Three days is not very long in Al Simhara. Especially when you find yourself exploring the legendary Sphinx. I spent both nights sleeping in a tent deep within the massive structure.

There were so many rooms I did get lost a couple of times. This was not a room I wanted to come back to, however. It was a bit crowded. Luckily I managed to escape through the proper door before losing a fight with one of these undead monstrosities and possibly becoming cursed myself.

Luckily I made it through the entire tomb before our vacation time was up. On my way to pick up Monkey I remembered one of my co-workers asking if I could pick up some relics for her. While I did find precious gems and metals within the Sphinx, I did not manage to find any relics. Luckily Al Simhara has a very friendly relic merchant who was more than happy to hook me up with a few. How could they not be authentic?

After all that excitement we had a few hours to kill before heading to he airport, so Monkey and I sat down with a local Egyptian who told us fantastical stories by the light of the fire. A tremendous end to a lovely vacation.

When we finally got home I settled in to look over the treasures I had brought back with me. The dropa stone in particular held my interest for some time. It was almost mesmerizing. In fact, I hardly noticed at all that my boss was standing behind me until he half-whispered "Hey sweet-cheeks" in my ear.

Something came over me, then. I'm not sure what. I felt myself stand and look at him. I recalled the image of him walking smugly away, I waved goodbye and smirked, somehow knowing.

He, on the other hand, did not have a clue. I watched as he aged, quite rapidly, before my eyes. I felt that, even if I wanted to, this was not a process that could be undone. The time had come to test that final glitch. Good bye Lee-roy, good bye.

I did not anticipate Monkey walking in just then and witnessing the final death throes of my late boss. Poor little Monkey looks scared half to death himself.

Ah, but look! The Grim Reaper!! Sure he's outside the building, but he did manage to make his way inside to shake Lee-Roys hand before sending his spirit into his urn there. Looks like this lot will now have two ghosts. Poor Mr. Mort Guage who, according to his epitaph, died of starvation (explains a lot); and Lee-Roy Johnkins who, as far as anybody will ever know, died of old age.

I spent a great deal of time comforting Monkey. I then explained to him, as best I could, that our work was done in Barnacle Bay and I'd have to take him back to the institute. The look of panic that grew in his eyes broke my heart and I decided... well... I decided I like Monkey. Regardless of his pre-incarceration/lobotomy/castration activities. He's like a child in a lot of ways. My child.

So I packed up all of our belongings and we are now on the run. In a manner of speaking. I told the institution that there were more tests to be run and Lizzy, being a very benevolent creator, backed me up. She says there's plenty of room for us in Oasis if we'd like to settle there. Even said I could have my old glitch-testing job back if I want it. I think, for now, I'm going to do some of that research on Monkey that I've been wanting to. Though I must say, Oasis does look like a beautiful town to settle down in some day. I think I'll let someone else give you the grand tour.

And so she doesn't have to tell you in a seperate post, Lizzy has this message about Oasis: "The town is, for all intents and purposes, complete. However, before saving the "final" copy I forgot to add a recharging station for the electric cars that I found in the item library. It's a little thing, but it's cool, and I'm letting you know in case I forget again."


  1. awww poor monkey! lobotomy patients are so cute when they're upset. ;)

  2. I know! I really felt sorry for him. lol


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