Sunday, September 18, 2011

Test Site #4

Yes, I am back. I hear things are going well with the planning and building in Oasis. What? You didn't think I knew about that? Of course I know about that. Perhaps, once my work here is done, I'll move there. What do you think about that?

Unfortunately there haven't been a lot of opportunities for testing. Other than natural observations. Facebook posting is still going smoothly (but will hopefully become a non-issue before the big transition), there was a small lag issue for a while. Not sure what caused it, but a quick save cleared it right up. And Monkey is still up to his old tricks of breaking things while I'm at work.

Incidently, my lifetime wish is to master 3 different skills. I suppose Handiness is as good a one as any. It sure is coming in... *ahem* handy, at any rate.

And like a good little Monkey he still cleaned up the water that amassed while the pipe was spewing all day. Which makes him pretty handy as well.

As a sort of treat for cleaning up so promptly I took him by the local junk yard to gather up materials for him to build more widgets and whatnot. He did manage to put together that bizarre paperweight, I really am curious to see what else he can knock out. Fascinating, too, how intently he picked through that pile. At least I had a book to read while waiting for him to make up his mind.

Not quite as impressed that he managed to hammer out this creepy little gnome. I don't know what it is about those things, but they really just make my skin crawl.

There haven't been any more surprise visits from my boss (big shock there), but we did recieve another late night visit from our spectral friend. Looks like he was hungry again. Too bad he can't teach Monkey how to make sushi. That looks really good.

I'm sure I've mentioned Monkey's lack of communication skills since the lobotomy, right? I've also mentioned how much I wish my purpose was to be studying him more specifically. Well, take a look at this. Seems our friend here has triggered something (aside from repulsion) in Monkey's brain. And in himself since he was, himself, non-communicative during his last visit.

And wouldn't it just figure that during his bout with speech he manages to tell a ghost story to a ghost. Whether he is or not, the ghost does appear to be appropriately frightened.

Here's something I never thought I'd see. (ok, technically I didn't see it, the observation cameras picked it up, but still) I always kind of assumed that ghosts got plenty of rest in their graves. I guess this fella is different? Or maybe all that talking wore him out.

After all that excitement I decided it was time for a break. As much for Monkey as myself. So we packed up some gear (and Monkey's painting for delivery) and headed to Al Simhara, Egypt for a couple of days. Our arrival went smoothly and Monkey appears to be back to "normal". So keeping an eye on him won't make this the most relaxful trip, but hey! Look at that view! I'll keep you abreast of any anomalous (or not) occurances as they develop.

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