Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Test Site #2

Things have been busy around the test site. Not in your average "there's so much to see and do!" kind of way. More in a "just when you're trying to settle in everything happens at once" kind of way. I got a call from the institute that "lent" Patient x349b to me asking if I could have him splat out some paintings for a psychology review they had coming up. Oh, sure, no problem. It would be nice for him to have something to do while I'm out trying to make money.

That very night we discovered the reason we could afford this house fully furnished. As it turns out, someone already lives here. I use "lives" ironically because this man is, in fact, quite dead. Apparently someone had the bright (irony) idea to bury this unfortunate sim on the property and hide the headstone with bushes.

So far we've only seen him the one time, were unable to communicate with him, and it looks like he was just hungry. Patient x349b was a bit put off by his presence, but as long as he doesn't destroy anything (especially my precious data!) I suppose I won't call the ghost hunters to come collect him.

Having apparently forgotten his late night encounter, Patient x349b (you know what, I'm just going to call him "Monkey" from now on) woke up in surprsingly good spirits. As much of that as he's able to communicate in his lobotomized state anyway. He managed to not burn the waffles this time! Although he did make quite a mess of the kitchen in the process.

If it were any of my business to do so, I think I'd quite enjoy studying Monkey. See if I could get to the root of his behaviours. If he really did commit such atrocious crimes as to warrant being lobotomized and castrated, he shows no further signs of violence. He's actually become.... almost helpful.

If a bit neurotic. By the time I got "home" I found him still cleaning, even going over surfaces that were scrubbed only five minutes prior. I finally had to restrain him.

He had time to calm down or... reset or whatever while I took a call. Apparently the local "Logic Lovers" chapter needs someone to travel to Shang Simla, China to research the origin of a few illegible logic puzzles and get them properly translated. A perfect opportunity to test a rather unfortunate and game crippling glitch. In my notes it says that several sims have been rendered "inactive" after either they or a housemate came back from foreign travel. In addition, Shang Simla appears to have suffered from agonizing lag in the past. Time to test! I would swear Monkey looked a bit concerned when I informed him I'd be leaving for 3 days.

Concerned or not I was a bit relieved at not having to restrain him again while I ran a cursory examination of his health and mine and compiled all of my notes in preparation for this trip. I hope it goes well. Could just as easily be me who is rendered "inactive"....

By my calculations Shang Simla appears to have loaded up quicker than it had been, and through the duration of my trip I only experienced a few minor lags. At least that's good. The adventure board is working fine and the locals all look like they belong in China. At least those I happened to run across.

Unfortunately excavation sites placed on the world map (or any kind of gradient) are still inaccesible. This glitch, whether fortunately or unfortunately, isn't specifically in my test parameters since it has occured to everybody since the release of one of the eps, but I thought I'd check anyway.

What was definitely fortunate is that particular excavation site just happened to be located a few yards from the historical Terra Cotta Soldiers. No point in not seeing them if I'm already in the area, right?

Breathtaking. Which reminds me, I absolutely have to remember to purchase a camera before leaving. My notes indicate that a few times that sims have attempted to use a camera to learn the photography skill (noteably Gunther Rittan in an effort to earn a raise) nothing happened. I wonder if Monkey can use a camera without breaking it? I spent a bit of time in a tomb checking all the gadgets and widgets and everything seemed to work just fine. Unfortunately I didn't find enough treasure to pay for the trip. One more thing to add to my personal to-do list.

I did check in on Monkey from time to time. Like I said before, he's not the best conversationalist, but as long as he picked up the phone, I could hear him breathing and didn't hear any fire crackling or sirens I could assume everything was fine enough.

Just for my own peace of mind, since I have no idea if I'll ever be able to return, I just had to visit the Dragon Cave. I do kind of wish I had purchased a camera before heading there, but it was still an amazing experience just getting in! Can you see me?

After leaving the Dragon Cave and buying a cheap camera I noted my seriously depleted stash of simoleons. So in those last few hours before I had to catch my flight I wandered around picking up gems and metals. Hoping they would amount to something back home.

The good news is that so far neither myself nor Monkey have yet been rendered inactive. At least as far as I can tell. I should know more on the next load-up. The better news is that my scrounging not only paid for the trip, but bought a proper bed for me to sleep in. I absolutely hated that wrought-iron, spring-loaded nightmare that came with this house.

The next morning I discovered I could still interact with Monkey, which is another step in the right direction. I also gave him the camera. Please stop shaking that box, Monkey. I hope he doesn't eat it or something. Next test (aside from continued ability to be "active") will be to see if he can use it.


  1. um... why is he dressed like a king in the third picture?

  2. lmao Cuz that's his "formalwear". He has the "insane" trait and I keep having to change his clothes for normal daytime/awake pictures. He wore that to bed and I wanted the reaction so I didn't get to change him.


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