Monday, September 12, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #20

I said I was sure that Gunther III's birthday was going to be something special. Well, I was close. It was something spectacular! Not in your 16-year-old-girl-prima-donna kind of way, but in the simly Rittan Family kind of way. First of all, through the combined efforts of his father and grandfather, Gunther III's best friend is the youngest imaginary friend to be made real! And since it's a weekend, they'll be able to start school together and Cosmo can get the same education afforded to every other sim. She'll even be taking ballet classes a couple of times a week while Gunther III will follow his aunt's footsteps and joined a scouting troop.

Secondly, Harmony's hard work at the hospital allowed the family to save up enough simoleons to build the two their very own room on the newly added second floor!

As a special treat for everybody, Harmony took the money she earned catering to random gourmands to start up a family playground. Not quite as fancy as the Simmelson's, but it's a decent start.

It looks like Gunther III and Cosmo are certainly enjoying themselves on the new playground equipment. Just as a bit of general knowledge: The rocketship has lights that turn on and the seahorse blows bubbles!

Cosmo is fully aware of how she came about and has dedicated herself to the chemistry set in search of that elusive potion that helped make her "real". Gunther III has taken after his mother and is whipping up baked goods just as quick as can be. He gets a special warm feeling watching his family enjoy the fruits (sweets?) of his labor.

Shortly after this phenomenal celebration, however, Harmony was passing through the house and caught a glimpse of the final painting left by Gertrude. She was filled with a sadness and then... some other feeling she couldn't quite place.

It was then that the icy hand of death reached out and grabbed Harmony. The family mourns her loss, but take a bit of comfort knowing that she not only accomplished her lifetime wish, but also created a firm foundation on which the family legacy will stand for generations to come.

As the first family member to pass they all agreed that it was only right to honor her by starting up a family resting place right on the lot. I don't think she'd have it any other way.

The circle of life continues forward. Shortly after the grim reaper came for Harmony, Kane had his birthday and became a toddler. Happy and eager to learn all of those toddler traits. And look! He has his mother's hair as well.

The next day Gunther and Suzette got together, exchanging condolences and formulating a plan for the children. They agreed that, though Harmony more or less shunned Gertrude, that they should do something to help her and Annalee with Harmoney's rather sizeable life insurance payout. They also set up trust funds for each of the grandchildren, just in case. You never know when a giant meteor or satelite dish will randomly fall out of the sky.

Finally, just because, here is a picture of Gunther III's rather scrumptious looking brownies. Here's hoping I don't end up with a whole family of fatties because of him.

(Side Note: Yes, Harmony died. No, the grim reaper did not come for her. It would appear that the glitch that affected Geoffery is still running rampant through my game. I restarted twice and finally just had to delete her and buy her a generic tombstone through buydebug. Fear not, if I have to I will continue to do this for the sake of finishing these 10 generations if I have to, but I would much prefer if he'd show up.)

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  1. RIP Harmony. :(
    real kids should be able to make brownies that good.


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