Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #19

Things have been rather calm around the Rittan hou-- sorry, Manor for a while. Basic working/child rearing/skill building stuff. Suzette has learned to make Roasted Turkey which served as a nice family meal for all. You know that satisfying bloated feeling you get after a big turkey dinner? I think Suzette may have overdone it just a tad.... Good thing the Rittans have their own home gym.

Sunny had a birthday! I think I'm going to like her a lot. She's a bit strange. Suzette let her pick out her own outfits and she chose to run around looking like a little panda. Isn't that adorable?! I swear to you this is her everyday outfit and not her jammies. And since you can't see it I'll let you know, she got Harmony's Blonde-Pink hair.

Suzette wasn't feeling so well so she decided to turn in early. She was awoken by a deep rumbling in her stomach. This has to be the worst case of indigestion I've ever seen. Luckily Harmony was on her way to the hospital on an emergency call and offered to take Suzette with her.

Gunther stayed behind to watch over the kids. No sense everybody cramming together just for indigestion. I love the look Gunther III is giving his sister. Not sure if it's amusement or bewilderment. Or perhaps he's a little worried about Sunni's creepy skeleton teddy bear.

Okay, okay, so we were all wrong (as I'm sure you knew by now, but thank you for humoring me). It wasn't merely hangover, fatness and indigestion. Suzette managed to get herself knocked up again. Thank you, Suzette, for filling the house with little baby feets. As it turns out, little Kane here was blessed with his mother's skintone. I wonder who's hair he's going to get?

Whatever it's going to be, it's going to be pampered! Look at that fancy crib Suzette picked up for him. Good thing his older brother and sister have their own room so they don't get all jealous over this.

The next morning things seemed to be fairly well evened out. Harmony and Suzette shared breakfast, and news. Harmony is thrilled that there is a second male hier; should something unfortunate happen to Gunther III. Not that she thinks it will, but just in case. One must concider such atrocities when one is the leading matriarch of a soon-to-be grand legacy. She certainly looks pleased with herself, doesn't she?

Despite the surprise of a new little one amongst them, Gunther II managed to finally master the art of keyboard. It still bothers him a bit that he never had a proper piano to practice on, but he's still young. For the moment. So, what instrument did he decide to work on next? Why, the bass of course. And this fancy little background setup helps put him in the perfect mood for it.

Taking advantage of the grandparent's helping hands with Kane, Suzette took a break from mastering her cooking skill to teach Sunni to talk. Why yes, Sunni, pandas eat fish. (Which, according to the internets, they will if it's easy to get to. Pandas, in fact, have a carnivorous digestive tract like their other bear relatives but adapted a vegetarian diet. The reason they eat so much bamboo is because it's hard for them to digest so they need more of it to sustain themselves. They'll also eat rodents and eggs. See? You just learned something. Well, maybe you did, I certainly did.)

But as we've all learned by now talking is only 1/3 of the equation. She's also learned to use the potty and Gunther is helping her to walk. Doesn't she just look adorably ferocious? Yes, I'm tickled by the panda outfit.

Gunther II is still working hard at his lifetime goal of reaching the top of the symphonic career branch. Just two more promotions to go! Gunther is cranking out the books, mostly romance novels featuring a rugged young man and his buxom desire set way up in the mountains. Each one more popular than the last. Gunther III has a birthday coming up. I think the family has a special treat planned for him. Probably not a birthday party, they're not big on parties (ok, I'm not big on parties, they're a pain in the ass to coordinate) but definitely something special. I wonder what it will be.

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  1. ack! another baby? you're really going to have a full house.


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