Saturday, September 10, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #18

Suzette, while a little disappointed with the lack of pampering and attention, was still a bit excited about the new baby. They are incredibly adorable, you know. But as Gunther, Harmony, Gunther III and Sunni all slept and Gunther II was still at work... She began to feel a little lonely. She managed to find some mixed drinks leftover from Gunther II's bachelor party (I know!!) and had a few while she waited, tired and tipsy, for Gunther II to get home. When he arrived she exclaimed that she realized she hadn't yet gotten to properly congratulate him on his specialized promotion and offered him a drink of his own. Poor fella didn't stand a chance.

It's not unusual for Gunther II to sleep late (since he works in the late afternoon), but there was a bit of a buzz about why Suzette was sleeping in. She's usually such an early riser. No matter, I suppose, since that is the big bonus to having the grandparents around. Always someone to pick up the slack. It's good to see Harmony being more sociable with the grandchildren. Today she even got Gunther III walking and potty trained! Looks like someone wants to be named Grandmother of the Year.

Gunther decided it was high time to spruce up his den/office area. After all, he just made 10,297 simoleons in book royalties for the week. He didn't do much, but he feels much better about the area. Isn't that what's really important? He likes having the huge window to look out of, even if it does create a wicked glare on the monitor.

Between sleeping, renovating and caring for the children, nobody seemed to notice as Suzette paid dearly for her previous night's indulgences. Fizzy pink drinks and hot dogs don't quite mix, do they Suzette? At least with grandma busy with the grandkids she could just slouch in front of the tv (looking for more recipes) all day.

Is it me or is that getting to be a common sight? Gunther II, it turns out, had the day off. Gunther managed to catch him before he planted himself at the keyboard for one of those all important father-son talks. Gunther confided that he felt his time was drawing short, and that he did still believe in the possibility of a Rittan Legacy, though maybe not the same kind that Harmony had in mind. He asked Gunther II if it would be possible for him to make a few more of those potions that made Annalee "real". For his son, and future generations. While Gunther II never had an imaginary friend, the possibility of future generations struggling as Gertrude did made him a bit sad.

Gunther II, if you remember, loves his big sis very much and the tear that made it's way out of his father's eye as he talked about her and Annalee was all the convincing he needed. Gunther II, rather than finish off his keyboard skill, spent the day hard at work making several of his special potions. He worked well into the night and before turning in ordered a special chest in which to keep them. Both Gunther and Gunther II slept well knowing they've done something very special for their family.

The next day Suzette woke up feeling much better than the day before. Before she could turn on Cookin' Cable she recieved a call that diverted her to the kitchen. Looks like she's whipping up some newly learned Tri-Tip steak. I hope she doesn't put it in that microwave.... She did with those hot dogs. Confused me since the family had just invested in a perfectly fancy grill.

Oh, that's a relief. Way better than the microwave. The steaks came out perfectly, but instead of laying them on the counter she again picked up her phone, confirmed a few things, and left with the steak! That's odd.

Turns out Lily Simmelson is quite the gourmand in addition to being a musical genius, and offered Suzette a wad of simoleons to whip up this beefy delicacy. Wow. Lily is stacked! Shame she can't dress...

With the scent of Tri-Tip still fresh in her nose, Suzette began to feel a bit guilty on her drive home. She simply can not deny her family something so good! As soon as she got back she headed straight to the kitchen and took her time preparing, for the second time today, Tri-Tip steak. And, in her opinion, it smelled even better than the plate she gave to Lily.

Growing old has had a fantastic effect on Gunther and Harmony. They were quite affectionate when they first met, but time and children has a way of making sims (and people) distant from each other. But with time growing short they've made it a point to spend more quality time together. Yes, by "quality" I mean "woohooing". Ah.... gross. At least Harmony can't get pregnant anymore.

Which is good, because work keeps her far too busy to fully raise another child of her own. Grandkids are good. If Sunni gets too fussy, she can pass her off to Suzette. And even though she may be nearing the end of her time in Moonlit Shores, she is still "on call" at the hospital from time to time. On those days, rather than following her normal schedule, she simply takes a nap or two in the fancy entranceway. It's very nice this time of year in Moonlit Shores. And even though she's all wrapped up in her surgeon gear, she still looks quite peaceful.

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