Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #17

When last we left the Rittan househole, Suzette was trying to charm Gunther II into knocking her up again. Because babies are just too cute to have only one! Well, whether on accident or by design, it looks like Suzette got her wish.

Hehehe She asked for it. Harmony's dedication to her recently re-acquired medical profession has been astounding. I guess some sims just take longer to really mature than others. She's done so well, in fact, that the hospital director tasked her with approaching William Goth (who is currently acting Mayor of Moonlit Shores) with a request for funding so the hospital can upgrade some of their testing equipment. Imminent raise aside, Harmony could not pass up the chance to meet a member of the legendary Goth family! Of course she'll talk to him about funding!

He wasn't what she expected, but it was still an honor. What's more, he said he would approve the funding if she could convince a couple of other sims to vote for him in the re-election. Well, certainly that's not too much to ask. He has been a pretty good mayor, so why not? Better yet, Harmony is now a Level 10 World Renowned Surgeon! Congratulations Harmony, this time you've earned it.

Votes were promised and funding was promptly approved. All this while Suzette sat at home being pregnant. She's so excited about another little one she's already started wearing her maternity clothes, even though she's barely showing.

Gunther II has been working hard trying to make it into the Symphony. He's also almost mastered the keyboard/piano. Even learning all of the songs that go with it. I wonder which instrument he'll decide to master next?

At least the whole family was around for Gunther III's birthday. And he doesn't look too freakish, either. Also, it seems that after the success of Gunther's biography on Annalee, these creepy little dolls have become quite the popular plaything. At least Gunther III is enjoying himself and staying out of trouble.

The next day Gunther II was finally promoted into a symphonic quartet. As the newest member he'll have to really prove himself to advance. This promotion came with a hefty bonus which he used to buy himself this super eco-friendly little car. He was, after all, the only member of the household without his own car, so it was a nice little treat to himself. It also prompted him to build a second garage to mirror the first. Now everybody's car has a place to sleep.

On her day off Harmony took some time to teach Gunther III to talk. He's a genius so the task wasn't a difficult one. And while she's not instilling the importance of many simoleons early on, I'm not sure that freaking the poor kid out is much better....

With all of the excitement of birthdays and promotions, Suzette was feeling a little left out. She's pregnant! Everybody should be pampering her and paying attention to her! Ok, so I'll admit, I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. Even when, while walking home from the park (where she went to pout in public) she went into labor! Where's Gunther II?! He should be here! Oh yes, he's at work. Making the simoleons to feed this growing family. While she was calling him up to tell him the breaking news a taxi pulled up and whisked her off to the hospital without a moment to spare.

And look who's still floating around outside waiting to see Suzette emerge carrying little Sunni Rittan. She's a Loner, so I don't see her hanging around this huge family for too long; but here she is for now and though she also has her father's greenish skintone, here's hoping she grows up to be pretty like her mother.

Gunther II did, indeed, make it to the hospital in time, but instead of escorting Suzette back to the house (*pouts*) he had to rush back to work. No way he was going to get demoted after just reaching the symphonic branch!

And in case you were wondering, here's what he looks like driving around in his snappy new electric car. Not a family car, but the appreciable savings on their weekly bill might just be enough to prompt the installation of some solar panels?

I didn't forget Gunther. He's been fishing and writing, just like a proper retired old man. And I think I'm going to have to cheat-reset Geoffrey. Getting kind of annoying having him float around in every hospital picture.

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