Friday, September 2, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #16

Suzette's pregnancy has gone exceedingly smoothly. Not that Suzette has a whole lot stressing her out in the first place, but Gunther's company and experience have helped her to remain at ease.

Oh noes! It looks like it's a good thing that Harmony went to see Geoffrey at the party, for he is now deceased. Right in front of the hospital, too. Was there no sim to save him from his demise?! It seems the answer is no. No there was not.

It took so long for the grim reaper to show up that Geoffrey's ghost attracted quite a crowd of mourners. Including Lily Simmelson! Doesn't she look appropriately sad?

As it was, the grim reaper took so long to show up that Harmony changed her plans of taking his remains to the cemetary herself and just left to go home and catch up on some sleep. She could pick him up in the morning if he was still there. Gunther II has done everything he can to take care of Suzette during these delicate last few days (moments?) of her pregnancy. Attaboy Gunther II!

Did I say moments? I meant milli-moments. The baby is coming! And.... You'd think being a doctor and former birth-giver that Harmony would be a little less freaked out by this. Hrm. At least Suzette got to the hospital in time, in spite of all the commotion.

And here comes Suzette with..... Geoffrey's ghost still sitting there waiting for the reaper?! WTF?!..... *ahem* Sorry, here comes Suzette carrying the ever precious Gunther III!! She's had a boy! The legacy shall continue.

With a fresh, new bundle of joy to take up space, the Rittans decided it was time to do a little renovating. Gone is the pieced-together shack-house of their humble beginnings. For now I present to you the true outline of Rittan Manor! Oh wait.... First I'm going to show you the grand entranceway and then the almost bird's eye view. Sorry! Sorry.

Most dad's would take their son out for a congratulatory drink and cigar after such a momentous birth, but with both of them being such good boys they decided to play a nice game of foosball together. Ah male bonding. Just smell that testosterone.

Perhaps I'm a little babied out, but I've kinda forgone the typical "look at everyone holding the baby" pictures and decided to keep up with the rest of the household. Especially this fella who probably doesn't have too much longer with us. He is the founding member, after all. And look! In typical retired old guy fashion he's decided to take up fishing. A great way to pass the time when he's not typing away on some book.

Oh yes, he's grown a beard. Not quite as yeti-like as expected. Kind of almost makes him look distinguished. More so than Mr. Geoffrey Landgraab who still hasn't been picked up by the grim reaper (omg glitch?) and has suddenly become corporeal again.

Harmony had a day off of work which she used to catch up on some medical research. Just one more tiny bit to go before she reaches the top of the medical career. Sims never cease to amaze me, ya know? Just squeezed out a little Gunther and Suzette, just as soon as she plopped him down in the crib, wants another one. Look at her asking oh-so-nicely if they can have another baby.

And there we are. Some well-meaning family members have sent Gunther III a little magical dolly. I wonder how that's going to work out. At least his father can make it real lickity-split if the desire arises. I apologize for the strange reporting, but it's been a strange day and hopefully you find this update at least entertaining, if not quite consistant with the rest.

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  1. that's not a baby, it's a glow-worm! and weird how that landgraab guy died and then didn't die and now he can.. levitate?


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