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Popped My Rodeo Cherry

Hahahahaha! Ok, that was a little dirtier than it needed to be, but I thought of that on the way to the rodeo and I'm sticking by it. One of the things I learned in Germany was "when in Rome". This is neither Germany nor Rome, but it is Texas. And finally after 19 years I made it to my first rodeo. I've been saying for a while I wanted to go, so when Aaron's dad called us this morning and asked if we wanted to go I said yes. Half asleep and barely knowing what was going on I said yes. I know, I know "But Lizzy, the poor animals! It's so dangerous!" I've heard all of the bad press that rodeo gets and that's one of the reasons I wanted to see it for myself. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised. Maybe once upon a time the animals were treated poorly and sure there is an element of danger; but I know what I saw and I tell you there was nothing there that caused me to have concern for the wellfare of the animals. And the riders wear helmets and padding and it's their choice to get on a bull they know is gonna try and buck them off and stomp them into the dirt. That being said, I really enjoyed myself. There was a couple of really intense incidents, but I'll get to those when I get to those. May I start with the picture sharing now? Thank you.
We got up to the Expo Center at a decent time. The road wasn't clogged with people like it was for graduation and that was my immediate concern. There was a man on a horse directing people through the "parking area" and I didn't get a picture of him. I did, however, get a picture of the flag barricade I parked in front of.

And we weren't too far away either. To the left is the fair and to the right is the dome of the Expo Center.

Like I mentioned on facebook, his dad got really good seats. We were maybe six or seven rows back. Here are pictures firstly of where the bulls were going to come out; the second on is where they had the sheep penned for Mutton Bustin'!

I dunno if you can see it, but towards the center of the image, a bit to the right, you can see the cowboys preparing their ropes. According to his dad they were putting soap or something on them for better grip.

And here we have the stars of the show. It wasn't full rodeo, we got there on the night of a big Professional Bull Riding tournament! They had guys there from all over. A handful from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico,.... a couple of other states (I really wish we had a program flier); but also two guys from Sao Paolo Brazil, one from Mexico and a guy all the way from Australia!!

And here's a picture of them getting ready to get started.

Ok, I highly recommend turning down your speakers and/or taking off your headphones because it was LOUD and lazy me didn't feel like sitting here all night editting videos. K? K. This is my first ever live bull rider. Maybe it was good luck, but this is the guy who ended up winning!

Yes, it's on my phone so the quality isn't fantastic, but hopefully you can see well enough. I have a few more videos, but there were 30 or so riders and while I *could* have gotten all of them (I has space) I didn't want to watch the whole tournament through my phone's screen! I'll do my best to remember why I decided to take each video as I go through them. Also, some of the videos take a while to get to the action. My phone takes 2-3 seconds to initialize the video recording and for a lot of the rides that's 2-3 seconds too long! So I just hit record and hoped it didn't take 'em too long to open the gate.
Uhm, this one I think I took because Aaron said the bull was really big and mean looking.

I think this is one of the guys from Brazil.

No this guy is from Brazil (for sure, the other one might be, too). I remember because he rode a couple of times and I noticed he wasn't wearing a helmet and had super flashy chaps.

Ok, one of the things that impressed me was the bull's behaviour. It comes out all piss and vinegar, right? Buckin' and kickin' and going generally apeshit. Then most of them, out of nowhere, as soon as that buzzer went off (unless the rider was still on them) just went completely docile and headed straight for the gate! Just like Pavlov's dogs! It was really something to see. This is a picture of the first bull that wandered. I think it got confused because it did head for a gate, just not the open gate they wanted him to go through. So this guy on a horse went and roped him and led him to the gate and everything was fine.

Ok, this one I remember for sure. The bull really didn't want this guy on his back so he laid down in the little pen area. They had to coax him back up so he was doubly pissed off and I knew it was gonna be all piss and vinegar.

These next two videos are really bad. I mean . . . . they're really good! If you were there.... Like I said before, the sheep pen was on the opposite side of the arena, so they're hard to see. Mutton Bustin' was everything I hoped it would be. Except... One little boy did get injured. The good news is that he won, though. Not because he got injured, but because he hung onto that sheep and just would not let go! We all thought the sheep was just gonna run into the open gate at the end, but it ended up slamming the kid into the gate post and hurt his back. That kid got 95 points for riding that sheep from one end of the expo center to the other. Helluva ride. Neither of these are that kid. Dunno if you'll be able to see anything, but I tells ya: Mutton Bustin' is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

It was also hard to see for all the people that took Mutton Bustin' as "Intermission" and went up for more beer. -_- Here's a picture of the sheep just waiting for their friends to join them.

And after the kid got slammed Aaron and I swear the sheepies were checking to make sure he was ok. :(

I would draw an arrow, but I don't trust paint to not devour my pictures. The guy in the very center of the picture in the red shirt was kind of like the in-arena commentator. Anyway, I took his picture because he was here all the way from Montana.

Ok, this video I took because while they were setting up the previous bull for it's run this one was so agitated it was trying to climb over the barricade! They had to tie off a rope over him to keep him down.

And that was the last run. There was another pissed off bull, but they just let him run off his agitations while everyone was exiting. There wasn't any award ceremony or anything which kind of bothered me. Aaron said they were gonna, but people started leaving. :( Boo people! That's impolite. After the PBR tourney we went and wandered around the fair for a while. I was taking this video of the ferris wheel lights (keeping the camera very stead, IMO) when Aaron's dad and his lady friend walked off so I had to end it prematurely and wouldn't ya know it! They stop just a few feet away and I look back and the ferris wheel is doing this pretty rainbow dance. So, I'm sorry I missed that.

They had a very loud concert going on. The guy's name was Aaron Walker, or so the website says. I've never heard of him, but if you look for the bright white in the middle of the picture? That's him.

After wandering the fair and deciding the food was too expensive we met up at a Jack in the Box in Belton that had it's dining room open 'til 2am. I dunno if they all do, just that this one did. For some reason in the women's bathroom they have the mirror positioned and angled so that you can watch yourself pee..... -_- I don't know why. I took a picture of myself peeing so Aaron could see it, but I'm not sharing that one. :p Instead I'll share this one I took because it occured to me I don't have any pictures showing off how much nicer my figure looks after losing 40lbs! *bows*

Yup, that's my "going to the rodeo" outfit. Also my "going to HEB" outfit sometimes. At least I put makeup on. And I left my purse in the car for rodeo. Didn't want to carry it and it's a good thing I didn't cuz some jackass behind me spilled their beer and it would've gotten on my purse. Yay me! So there you have it. Lizzy's First Rodeo Experience. I left out the part about the irritating (dreaded) Soccor Moms and their equally (more) annoying husbands and horrid (but short, therefor easy to see over) kids. Ok, so I didn't fully leave it out. At least they smelled better than the guy they switched with.....

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