Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Football!

I have a theory. I believe that the clock used in football is borrowed from Satan. When he says "You'll only be burning for 3 more hours, that's not so bad, right?" you think "Naw, 3 more hours; I can do that." But then the clock stops and takes forever to restart again and sometimes even goes backwards. Yes, Satan lends out his evil torture clock for football games. Only in football can "12 minutes" equal an hour. And since it's football, that hour can feel like two. I am not a football person. I find the sport boring. However, I do like going out and doing stuff; and like most everything else there are a few things surrounding football which are moderately amusing. You know me, I'm that super supportive side-kick and will be there when called upon. All that being said, would I do it again? You know I would. It got me out of the house for five hours (one hour travel time and four 12-minute quarters equals five hours, yes. Football math.) and since Aaron's dad is involved with the Belton High football team I would certainly go to another game if asked. Which I should probably tell Aaron since I apparently looked as miserable as I felt. I didn't expect the game to be as "personally" painful as it was. Drudging up memories... But that's a whole other story. Today, we talk about football! Or, rather, those things surrounding the football.

Like this. Apparently the.... damn. Cove's version of the Emeralds (the dance team that dresses up like cowgirls with way too much makeup for special occassions) does dance stuff with kids and they were being kept amused with a guy dressed in a Taco Bell sauce packet. Don't worry, he comes around for a close-up.

Here's the (Cove) football team practicing.

And here's a quick video of the football team practicing.

Call me sarcastic, but these next two pictures I took because of the manner in which the team was stretching. Heckle the male cheerleaders all you like fellas, this isn't the most hetero thing I've seen.

And here comes the Taco Bell sauce packet guy. I wonder if s/he got paid for this gig. Or if it's maybe some sort of public service punishment for a non-pedophilic offender?

And from the side. Can't neglect that all-important product placement logo.

With about 30 minutes for the game to start Belton's team finally showed up and took the field to practice.

And the Belton High cheerleaders make their first appearance.

One of the highlights for me was the marching band. I always liked band, marching or otherwise. I don't know if it's standard, or because they were the home team, but Cove's band even had fancy feather hats. And Cove High has a big band.

Did I say "big"? I meant "humongous".

Here's the cheerleaders half-huddled for what I assume was a picture.

Hey look! The game is starting. I think.

And the cheerleaders go wild.

Don't forget that Belton Tiger mascot! She went wild, too.

They didn't do a pyramid, but they did do this a couple of times.

I can't believe I'm going to say (type) this, but I almost felt sorry for the cheerleaders. I don't know if it's standard practice to not cheer with them, but no matter how hard they tried they couldn't get this side of the crowd pumped unless the ball was headed in the right direction. So this cheer of "D-Fence" went largely unnoticed and Cove scored a touchdown. I figured that out after the second time the banner wavers at the end crossed the bleachers on the other side.

I don't know what's going on in this picture, but I don't want anybody saying "You didn't take any pictures of the game" so here you go. A picture of the game.

Cheerleaders still use pom-poms sometimes.

And so does the mascot.

With five seconds left until halftime (which equated to about 3 and a half minutes) the Belton marching band gets ready for their (first) half of the halftime show.

And even though you can't really hear them, here's the first part of their UIL competition marching band sequence. I wish I had recorded Cove's because theirs was *looks around* better.

Now, I suppose I can interject something here. You might be interested to know that the soccer-mom trio that wedged up next to me were not the worst people to be surrounded by. There was a lady with a camera laughing with her friends about how her son gets all upset because she didn't take 200 pictures of the game. This, she says, is because "it ends up being the same picture 200 times!". So their being half-invested was a source of amusement and almost-comfort for me. The jackasses behind us, on the other hand, were a source of constant frustration and downright anger. Let me explain. This is High School football. Not the NFL, not the XFL. They're not getting paid and judgeing by the sheer number of team members (I estimate about 50) half of them aren't getting laid either. They're students, kids for fuck's sake. Screaming "break his leg" "smash his head" "can't you hold a damn ball" and other such nonsense is way out of line. All this after the sportsmanship ceremony at the beginning of the game. What was I talking about..... Oh yes. As Cove's marching band was leaving the field ("It's about fucking time! Get off the field! We don't have all night!") and the players were returning there was this drifting smoke cloud from some display or other and it looked rather interesting hovering there so I took a picture.

You got me, I took two.

One lead to the other because SoccerMom #2 asked SoccerMom #1 "omg did you get a picture of the smoke cloud?" and she did because that was about the most interesting thing to happen. To them. Like I said, I like the marching band. With about 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter Cove was beating Belton.... 31 to 10? I think. Or 37 to 10. Anyway, at about this time Cove's cheerleaders came over with their mascot. It's not like "Bring it On" with the antagonism which made me pretty happy. Their sportsmanlike displays almost counterbalanced the way-too-into-it morons sitting behind me.

They laughed and danced and huddled up alternating colors (2 blue, 2 red, 2 blue, 2 red) while the mascots danced around. No fights. Just fun. And while Belton didn't have any (that I saw) Cove High has at least two male cheerleaders this year. You can see one on the left.

And so ended my first ever high school football game. I never went when I was in high school and damned if I didn't end up kind of wishing I had. Not for the game, but the experience. I had school spirit, went to pep rallies, tutored jocks so they could play. I just had no interest in football or cheerleaders and I could watch the band practice whenever I wanted to. I went to their shows (and theater productions and dances and, obviously, my own S&D tournaments). Just never really liked jocks. Ah well. Aside from a lingering wistfulness for how young I used to be, I'm feeling good about having gone. Now that it's over. Like I said in the beginning, Satan's clock.


  1. i went to a couple games...but i remember mainly just talking with friends than actually watching the game! lol

  2. so... is marching band like a required course at cove high school?


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