Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodwill Treasure

For the second time this week I was blue jeans blessed. Maybe it's from being so fat so long, but many times I'll pick up a pair of jeans, eyeball the waistband, convince myself they just won't fit, but try them on anyway just to confirm. And twice this week they have, in fact, fit. The first pair was just rummaged from the clean clothes pile. This second pair was, in fact, a Goodwill Treasure.

I like shopping at Goodwill. That's where I got my Hello Kitty alarm clock/night light. They also have clothes you just can't find anywhere else. Some clothes you can't buy anywhere because they're hand-made. Around here we even get a lot of foreign (usually Asian) clothes. It's fun! On a good day shopping at Goodwill is just like what I always hoped thrift shopping would be. Today was one of those days.

It's nearing the end of September, so naturally it's time to browse all of the local Goodwills for their Halloween selections. You never know what you'll find and some of the costumes would cost up to five times as much in a regular retail store. I could say "I can't imagine why these jeans were hanging up on the costume rack", but honestly I can. Too many people are locked up in their boxes, inhibiting their imaginations and stifling their own sense of adventure. That being said, if they hadn't been hung up on the costume rack I probably wouldn't have found them, so I guess it's not an altogether bad thing. As soon as I saw these $4 beauties I knew I had to have them. Or, at least try them on. I've bought far too many jeans that I really wanted to wear that didn't end up fitting. And so I mustered all of my courage and approached the ladies at the register and asked to be let into the fitting room. I saved them for last (also taking with me another pair of jeans and a skirt) and nearly jumped for joy when the denim gods decided to smile on me.

Look interesting from back there, huh? Let's take a closer look.

I'm not sure if you can see but the front of the one leg got ripped (or cut) and stapled back together.

LO VE butt trumps apple butt

I have, and I do. :D (Really. It's cathartic.)

That's actually pretty good.

I know there has to be some kind of story behind these jeans. Someone put a lot of work into them. I wonder if s/he was just bored one day. There are many different styles so maybe a group of friends did it at a slumber party. Did the previous wearer(s) tire of them? Or did someone's mom get sick of seeing them and threw them in the donation box out of spite? If it was a group of friends, are they still friends? I suppose it's also possible that somebody put this together with the intention of donating them just to see what kind of jackass would actually wear them. Aaron keeps saying that it's all going to just wash off anyway. It's definitely sharpie so maybe not? If so, at least I have these pictures forever. Unless my hard drive blanks out and photobucket disappears. I really need an external hard drive and a fireproof box to lock it in. Anyway, I like them. And I love the way they fit.

And in case you're just dying to know, the other jeans fit but made me look fat and the skirt, while awesome in a home-made hippy kind of way.... just didn't quite look right on me. I would have liked it looser flowing. Next time I have a story like this I'll get pictures of the other players for you.


  1. those jeans are SO cool!! and if it is sharpie, it might not wash off. i had a vest from the 70's that was markered and it was still clearly black even after 20 years. course, it probably didn't get washed as often... but sharpie hangs around a long long time.

  2. :D I hope it sticks. Even if it fades a bit they'd still be pretty cool.


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