Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digital Wonderland #8

Life is just full of surprises. Most of them the good kind. After that meteor fiasco, and with the pressure of having a family off of me, Shen and I discovered that we were in fact expecting a baby of our own! I'm pregnant!!

Which doesn't make running the house any easier. I haven't made much nectar and I'm shocked my budding grapes haven't withered. I keep forgetting they're there. Arianna, I'm glad to say, is doing quite well in school. The teacher says she's very bright and all the children just love her. She even brought a little friend home from school.

I love that picture of her. She's so cute! I'm a bit sorry to say that between taking care of everybody and helping with homework and bake sales and stuff.... I didn't get any pictures of the baby. I gave birth at home so I wouldn't disturb Shen by having him called to the hospital. Thankfully the maid was there to help me through it. I told her she should go to the hospital and see about getting hired as a birthing nurse. We had a little girl and I named her April. She's such a little handful. In lieu of baby pictures I'd like to share a couple of that laundry bear gnome and his shenanigans.

There. That's almost just as good, right? Fortunately not having baby pictures didn't stop little April from growing up well. She looks just like her daddy, doesn't she? She's brave like he is, too, but I'm afraid she may be absent-minded like me...

After a rough week at work Shen headed back to China to visit with his family. I wish I could have gone with him, but April can't travel yet and I just couldn't bear to leave her with a babysitter for so long. He was very productive while he was away, managing to max out his athletic skill.

Taking some time to meditate at a local Temple.

And he even got to spar with his old martial arts master.

I'm glad he got to go and even happier to hear that the rest of the Su family is doing well. He even remembered to pick up those recipe books so I can make some Dim Sum for Arianna. To be honest, though, I'm a bit exhausted and can't wait until April starts school. I can't believe how quickly things have changed for me since I moved to Oasis!

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