Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Digital Wonderland #6

After the wedding we still had two days with his brother, Zhan. It would be quite rude of us to leave on our honeymoon while he was still a guest in our home, right? So we all spent time around town, showing him the sites and sounds of Oasis, which allowed me to rename another chunk of the town! I'm almost done. Shen was issued a challange by my boss (Stuart Cherry, by the way) to jog around town for an hour. An hour? Please, my Shen could do that in his sleep. That was an easy 500 simoleons added to our vacation fund. When he turned in the pedometer Shen found out that Stuart lives right up the street from us. Not only that, what's that in the window?

AW! Stuart has a little girl! I didn't even know he was married. She's such a little cutie. Still, though..... I bet she bites.

While Shen was out schmoozing my boss I spent some more time getting to know his brother. I even had him teach me a tradition Chinese Song, Ping and his Checkers. Zhan says I'm a natural.

And the third day has finally arrived. After seeing Zhan off we finished up a few little things around the house before boarding our own plane for France.

Naturally we spent the first day and night holed up in our room. We woohooed, woohooed, then woohooed some more. We spent a good chunk of our honeymoon trying to get me pregnant. Shen is very adamant about starting a family as soon as possible. I'm totally fine with this, and the best part is the fun of trying. We even woohooed in the communal shower. That was so exciting!

The second day we were both quite sore, so we decided to take some time off and just relax. I wanted to revisit the nectary so I could replace my nectar rack and try my hand at nectar making with some of their free fruits. Shen, being the Brave one that he is, wanted to go on an adventure! He spent the day at the Art Museum tracking down the source of some mysterious noises. He totally did and increased his Visa level! Now if we ever come back (I hope we do, I love it here) we can stay even longer.

Our third, and final, day in Champs le Sims was again spent trying to get me knocked up. I don't think it worked, though... Which is a little frustrating and disappointing. I want so badly to give him a child.

Shen could tell I was getting upset so we spent our last few hours snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire. He said that he never meant to put so much pressure on me and he loves me so much and that if it's okay with me that he is fine with adopting. Adoption, huh? I guess I hadn't concidered it. I'm definitely all for taking in one of Sim City's wayward children. With the pressure off I felt good enough to woohoo one last time in the downstairs communal shower.

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