Saturday, September 24, 2011

Digital Wonderland #4

Oh my goodness I have great news! I'm going to get married! I know, it's all so sudden. How exciting! Let me introduce to you my wonderful fiance. His name is Shen Su, he's flirty (like me!), brave, handy, frugal and athletic. His handy and athletic traits make him perfectly suited to achieve his Lifetime Wish of becoming an astronaut! Imagine, my husband in space. His favorite food is Goopy Carbonara and his favorite color is black. So intense.

Even so, we want to wait until at least the weekend to get married, which means he's only here for another day. We'd get to spend a lot more time together if my upcoming schedule didn't have me working nights and sleeping days. This means while he's waking up to a breakfast of leftover grilled cheese I'm just heading off to bed.

So I went ahead and took the big leap of asking him to move in with me. I'm so brazen. Naturally, he accepted my offer. We did learn, though, that while the trailer is "homey" that now persons in a serious romantic relationship don't go embarassing each other in the bathroom. So he got to finish his shower while I threw out the nasty leftovers.

Shortly after he settled in my boss came by. Again. He really is a lonely Loner. Shen was excited to meet him so they spent the afternoon talking while I caught up on my nectar skill reading. My boss (surprisingly?) was very excited to hear about the upcoming wedding.

While I was out doing laundry, Shen decided to swing by the military base (the only place in Oasis with a space program) and apply for a job. He may be starting out as a Latrine Cleaner, but I'm sure he'll progress very quickly. But oh noes! While we were both out this stupid thief took off with my nectar rack!! And since no one was home to call the cops, and we didn't have an alarm installed, he got away with it. Looks like I'm starting from scratch.

On the bright side (I guess) just look at how pretty Oasis looks at night. All those streetlights lit up. It's almost like Christmas.

And while I was pulling the laundry out of the dryer I found this cute little magical laundry gnome. Yes, really! It's a tad less creepy than the other garden gnomes.

Thursday night was my first night back to work. We decided that concidering both the burgarly and the tight quarters of my trailer that we should concider moving. To a nice neighborhood, near a school. Married peoples have to concider responsible things like that. I was kind of hoping to move into a fancy high rise building, but (having to go to work) I left all of the details in Shen's capable hands. He picked out this nice, two-story house in the suburbs. Yeah, the ones I just renamed! This house is called "Ginger" because it's supposed to look like a gingerbread house.

While he was going through the moving boxes, Shen found the nectar maker I picked up in France. There wasn't a lot of room in the house (what spare space there is will be turned into a laundry room) so he fenced in the yard and nestled it up against the kitchen wall. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Since he moved in I learned that Shen is only 25 days away from becomming an elder. So it's a good thing that our relationship has moved forward as quickly as it has. Just as soon as we're properly wed we can start working on having a little baby. I must admit, I'm excited by the prospect of being able to quit my job to raise a family.


  1. ah phooey on that stupid theif. i hope that's a helpful laundry gnome and not the sock-stealing kind.

  2. Replies
    1. *shrugs* The purple haired one? Feels like ages ago... LOL


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