Friday, September 23, 2011

Digital Wonderland #3

Bonjour! Oh my goodness I have so much to tell you!! So exciting. I finally made it to France! :D Such a beautiful place. The very first thing I wanted to do was visit the Nectary, of course. I had no idea where it was, so I stopped and asked a local.

He was incredibly helpful, but did expect something in return. He wanted me to swing by this tomb that was on the way and see if I could locate an artifact he misplaced in there. Well, if it's on the way. I had no idea what I was looking for, but he assured me I'd know it when I saw it. And I did. It was the only baseball in the place. It was worth the detour, though, because in the tomb I found my very first bottle of nectar!

I also managed to find enough salable treasure that when I finally made it to the nectary I was able to purchase a nectar rack and my very own nectar maker! How exciting. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make nectar yet. To the bookstore! Being a bookworm I learn things better by reading about them than by actually doing them. Did I say that already? Yes, even I think it's kind of weird.

I sat and read a few chapters of the first book in the store and it turns out that nectar is made from fruit. Any fruit! And some vegetables. Odd. Since I still had a bit of time left in my vacation I went back to the nectary and asked if I could harvest some of their special nectar grapes. The lady said it was no problem so I got to work stuffing my pockets. I hope these grapes last long enough to get into my fridge.

Back home I didn't have much time to worry about nectar. Being a doctor is hard! My hours are so long and since they train me on the job it seems even longer. I have managed a few promotions making me currently a trauma surgeon. Which isn't fair! I didn't want to work nights. I caught up with my boss at the library again and when I started to talk to him about the situation I got distracted by what appeared to be a very infected spider bite on his neck. I suggested he look into some antibiotics, but he assured me it was a tattoo. I dunno, it doesn't really look like a tattoo to me.

A full week of long, odd hours left me completely drained. Coming home to my bills on the grass and my trash can knocked over on Thursday night made up my mind. It was time for another vacation. If nothing else I can use the time to advance my logic skill and read up on nectar making. I don't really need to do that in France, do I? Maybe I'll see what China is like this time of year.

China on a whim can be pretty boring. Especially if you spend all of your time indoors playing chess and reading nectar-making books. That's okay, though. I finally got to unwind, got some extra skill levels. Then there was the biggest surprise on the last day of my impromptu vacation. I was just coming out of the bathroom and on my way to plop down at the chess table when this guy asked me to dance. Sure I'll dance! I've been practicing.

We danced to exhaustion and talked for hours. Turns out he's single. What? I'm a flirt! It's practically my job to ask. By late afternoon we were both starving so I made a nice salad and guess what ladies? He did the dishes! Without being asked or anything. I like this guy.

Like him so much, in fact, that I invited him to my place for the weekend. He said yes! How exciting my very first house guest. Now, I'm not one to woohoo and tell, but guess who's got a new boyfriend? :D Yeah! Me!! Yes, I know for sure he's my boyfriend. He asked me to be his girlfriend. Can't just assume you're in a relationship just because you woohoo with somebody. Not in this day and age.

I wonder if I should ask him to move in with me before the weekend's up. Not sure how a long distance relationship is going to work. And I have no idea how old he is! Would be a shame to get my heart set on being with him just to have him age up behind my back.

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  1. hey, your tattoo looks like an infected spider bite. HA!


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