Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital Wonderland #2

Hi again! Guess what? I've gotten about 25% of the buildings renamed. Yay! Turns out I'm pretty good at that job. And it doesn't take any time at all away from my regular job or all the many many things I have to do in between work and sleep. There's a lot of those things. On my way home after renaming the suburbs I was biking past the lake and look at that! I wonder how that got in there?

I'm almost definitely positive the hospital is severely understaffed. I've already met all of my co-workers! Apparently they're not too keen on sucking up to the boss in front of them, so I spent the day chatting with them and was going to call my boss after work, right? Because it's a good idea to have a good relationship with your boss. Anyway, I was at the library and guess who's also a bookworm?

Yep, my boss! We chatted for a while before I started feeling sleepy and decided to go home. He... he didn't get sleepy. Hrm. Also, I had some really weird dreams that night.

I'm sure that was just coincidence, though. The next day he told me about this amazing, huge book store and day spa downtown. In the same building! Can you imagine? I had to check it out. I wish I had gotten a manicure or something, but I am still saving up for France. So I picked up a couple of used (cheap) books instead.

Before heading home I decided to check out this dance club. The music is supposed to be really good. I was expecting some kind of dj, but they had some killer electronica blaring from the speakers. Since there wasn't anybody else around (minus a very bored looking bartender) I decided to work on my dance moves.

Probably not the best way to spend a Wednesday night. I still had to wake up early for work. Ok, I'll admit, I've never made waffles before. But I swear it had to be the cheap stoves fault it caught fire! And it just figures this crappy trailer would come with an empty fire extinguisher. Something to put on my shopping list.

Since waffles were definitely out of the question I quick ran to this dive bar for a breakfast of hot wings before they closed.

After work I had to take a trip to the laundromat to get the smell of fire and waffle batter out of all of my clothes. Doing laundry is expensive! At least it gave me a chance to catch up on some of my reading.

I've been wanting to visit France since my first day here in Oasis and I'm so very close. I think, though, a little extra money (until I can manage to get a couple of promotions under my belt) on the side couldn't hurt, right? I like books, I should learn to write them! The good news is that the library has a bunch of public computers. The bad news is that I don't have a ton of free time and writing is hard.

I did have a bit of good luck, though. While I was working on my logic skill the science facility called wanting to run some tests on my growing brain. They'd pay me in exchange for running a couple of tests after I increased my skill again. No problem! The money I made being a lab rat gave me more than enough so I went to have a drink (hey, it's Friday this time) before heading home to sleep. I hope she cut this guy off. He would not shut up!

Anyway, next time you see me I'll be knee deep in France! Hopefully getting started on my nectar collection. K bye!


  1. hot wings for breakfast? good things sims don't get heartburn. :p

  2. Not yet anyway. ;) Wait for the Sims 4 ep "Hospital Mayhem". XD


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