Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital Wonderland #1

Hi! My name is Symli Patron. What?! That's really my name! Anyway, I guess you'll be following me around for a bit. Uhm, my name is Symli... oh wait, I said that already. Sorry, I'm a bit Absent Minded. I also happen to be an EcoFriendly, Flirty, Bookworm with a Good Sense of Humor. My Lifetime Goal is to have a Bottomless Nectar Cellar (which means at least 50 bottles of nectar adding up to at least 10,000 simoleons). Why? I'm not sure. It sounds like a good investment? Anyway, my favorite food is spagetti and my favorite color is green!

Other sims say I look like "Somebody", but I really don't see it. (And unless Brak gets Sims 3 we probably never will. She's the best sim builder!) I did, however, borrow her boots! Maybe that's where people get the resemblance....

If you couldn't tell from before, I moved into this trailer park in Oasis. It's nice, and homey, and all I could afford! Maybe I'll meet a rich guy and get married and move into a mansion.... but I'm getting ahead of myself just a bit. After tossing out the nasty old bed that was left here and buying myself this luxurious beauty, I discovered my bank balance was left severely depleted.

If I'm ever going to make it to France to start up my nectar collection I'll need to find a job. A good job. Where I can make oodles of simoleons. Doctors are rich, right? Maybe I should be a doctor! That seems like the kind of job you'd have to apply for in person. Luckily the hospital isn't too far away so I can bike there! Doesn't my ass look fantastic?

They must really be short-staffed at that hospital. A quick 15 minute interview and I already have a job! Not as a doctor, yet. Just a janitor... *yuck* The guy interviewing me said if I work on my logic skill I won't be a janitor for long, though! Oooooh! First I have to make a quick stop. Someone in the waiting room mentioned that we just got a Renault (those electric cars?) recharging station! The eco-geek in me just can't miss seeing that before it gets all used.

Hrm. I guess this is the place. It kind of looks like it could be a charging station. I don't know why they didn't put the sign in simlish, though. How do they expect people to read that gibberish? Oh! But I have work to do! Must learn logic. Luckily most parks have chess tables. That's a start. Don't want to be hosing out bedpans any longer than I absolutely have to.

Oh! And Lizzy has a task for me. She says.... hrm.... Oh yeah! She says while I'm going around town I have to rename a bunch of the buildings. Apparently the downside to being able to edit Oasis "in game" is that all of the binned lots have funky "file" type names. *boo* Oh well, I'm sure I can make time for that. Bis sp├Ąter!


  1. yeah... why is that in english?

  2. Because it's a "promo" item. Dr. Pepper stuff says Dr. Pepper and Ford stuff says Ford. A lot of people are really bent out of shape over it, but nobody's forcing them to download the free items. :p I don't particularly like it either, but there was NO WAY I was going to pass up those electric cars. Even if they are English name branded.


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