Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creating a World #4b

Cheating? Maybe. I don't have a lot to share, but what I do have I'm kinda proud of. This first picture was supposed to be part of something but I got a bit invested in what I was doing and forgot to finish the series.

That bit close to the screen is the home of the filmmaking lot, the celebrity club, the sports bar and the stadium. Further back is a suburbish area. I also put in a nice, cookie-cutter (almost, all the houses are pretty different) suburb area. What I'm so proud of is this:

What is that, exactly? Let me show you.

The pink squigly line follows the curvy dirt road that's going to lead to my cemetary (which I'm building myself because all the in-game ones are lacking), the dark blue arrows point to the warning signs indicating the curvy road ahead (one on each end of the road :D), the green arrow points to the Yield sign one reaches coming out of the dirt road, and the dark pink arrow is pointing to the "cemetary this way" sign. I wish they had made it big enough to actually span the road, but whatever. I will be surrounding this dirt road with more big trees because driving to the cemetary should be appropriately creepy.

Yep, that's it. Just a little update to show you some road signs. If you'd like a quick laugh at me, I'm super tired (about to fall asleep in my chair) and got up to "appropriate" before I realized what word I was in the process of spelling and had to stop and think before adding the "ly" at the end. My fingers, apparently, know how to spell better than I do.


  1. cool. maybe LA county should hire you for their road crew. they don't seem to know which signs go where. :/

  2. They should. It's actually really easy. ;)


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