Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creating a World #4

Yep, another one of these. Sometimes you just feel like doing something tedious and detail-driven and when those times come around, you just have to go with them. Once they're gone you're stuck with something half-finished that you can't stand to even look at anymore. So it is that I've been straining my eyes and brains putting this town together, and so it is that you get to read about it. Don't worry, if you know me at all you know I'll be done in a day or two; or lose interest altogether in a day or two. Either way, you win!

After looking at how much room was left on my map, and going back over which buildings I still have to place, I changed up my previously predicted blueprint a little. I decided that the mansions will be over by the "rural" area, as will the suburbs. There will be another suburbish area over by the trailer park, but I'm running out of room over there and the stadium and hollywood lot will be going in that bottom left corner. Anyway, I did decide to keep my idea of having the richys seperate from everybody else. To a point. Most of the mansions (3 out of 4) have those tall, skinny, snooty looking, manicured trees lining the yards, so I used those to outline the whole "neighborhood". Which was easy for most of it. But having two empty lots for mansions became a bit of a problem because in "edit town ~ edit in game" mode I couldn't see the boundry of those empty lots. Then I had a brilliant idea.

I outlined the lot with a tile-dotted-line! This line roughly matches the sidewalk lines I was using as a guide. The result looks a little bizarre, but I'll put some stuff around the outside to sort of blend it in to the rest of the map.

Next step was that bit I mentioned about bridging the river again. Even after watching a couple of youtube videos I still couldn't get the proper bridges to work, so again it's a raised landbridge that would realistically dam the water. -_- Ah well. I roaded off an area for "town center" type items (school, city hall, library, etc) and placed the lots. Here's a far-back view so you can get an idea of where some things are in relation to each other. That empty middle part will be the sort of town center.

And here it is with everything all filled in.

I know it looks a bit sparce for being the center of town, but I'm leaving room for upcoming shops and venues. I'm hoping (assuming) Pets will come with a pet store. :D That would be nice.

I have 19 community lots and 22 houses left to place. I know where most of it will go. The hard part is lining up the roads and putting down things like streetlights. Accounting for empty lots (I'm not a fan of home-building, but sometimes the mood strikes me) I really don't foresee this process taking too much longer. And since I've been able to add buildings before installing it into my game I think I'm going to upload it in case anybody else is interested in a town that actually has everything in it. Also so I don't have to go through this building process again.


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