Monday, September 19, 2011

Creating a World #3

Oh so much has happened since I promised a story blog next. I've really gotten into the groove of city planning. It's all coming back and I'm adding some new tricks and it's coming together so nicely. I got that first corner done, with the police/fire stations, military base and science facility. I included the same "bar" for that area I did in Moonlit Shores and even added a gym because it makes sense for them to have one. After that I moved left and built up my "big city" area.

I used duplicates for some of the high rise buildings (because Moonlit Shores didn't have enough) and the ones along the top and right edges are all decorative. To make it look more city-like. There are also a couple of high-rise clubs. As an interesting touch I added some "build sites" with cranes and ruined buildings and stuff. Since there is a long stretch of road between these two corners of the map I even put up billboards! :D

After that I decided to switch gears and build up a rural-ish area. These are small farmy/swampy houses spaced much further apart. They have a diner and a "hang out" spot. This is also where I put the butterfly dome and I even remembered to put fish in the river. As far as this development anyway. I'll add more as I move down. Note the water towers and other farmy (and possibly unseeable at this point) decorations along the edge.

One of my favorite personal additions is the trailer park. For a couple of reasons. Just about every town has one, they don't start you out with many simoleons, smaller homes are easier to load and control. On a more personal note I happen to have some very pleasant memories involving trailer parks (what's it to ya?!) so I like to add one. The one in Moonlit Shores was bigger, but... not really trailer parky. This one has a nice dirt road, trailers, some empty lots (for future trailer building) a pool, and I put the junkyard there because... well, it makes sense kinda. This will be the spawning center for the beetles.

That's the "before", obviously. And here's the "after". I surrounded it with trees because the "richy" side is going to be not too far from here. So I want the area kind of hidden. There will be shops (and the film lot and possibly stadium) between the two areas so it makes *more* sense, but the beach area is going to be kind of bummy so I'm putting the suburbs there.

There's the after. Got kind of long winded there. "But Lizzy, what happens when a richy guy on the bottom left of the map needs to get to work at the office on the top right corner?" I'm glad you asked. Thanks to the Late Night expansion pack we got these nifty little subway entrances. No tunnels to worry about, basically teleport pads. I'm going to have one at each corner and possibly one in the middle.

Yeah, I'm keeping those lots simple. Just the tunnel and a trash can. That, my friends, is as far as I've gotten. I need to build the "town center" next before I start running out of room. I'm keeping up with street/traffic lights and trying really hard to have the layout make sense. Going to have to bridge the river again soon. Which reminds me, also need to see if I can get an *actual* bridge to work because I don't like having to raise the terrain to fake a bridge. It doesn't make sense! I guess that's it for now.


  1. i'm kind of jealous of your trailer park. the trailer parks in sims 2 apartments were so disappointing. i have fond memories of trailers in and out of parks, as well. :)

  2. hehehe ;) Yeah, I remember the trailer parks on 2. That was kind of disappointing. I do miss apartments, though. The high rise buildings have more than one apartment, but you can only use one. :(


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